Weed and where to get it

Whether you’re an experienced stoner or a first-timer, you’ll need the know-how on how to get weed on campus. The recreational use of cannabis (AKA weed) was legalized across Canada in 2018 and is widely available for consumption.

Weed comes in two main strains: sativa and indica. Indica, whether smoked as a joint or eaten as an edible, is good if you’re looking for a ‘full-body’ high effect that can relax and reduce insomnia in some people. Sativa is often described as more of an energetic ‘head high’ and may reduce anxiety or stress. Whichever one you prefer will ultimately be up to you!

BC has some of the best quality cannabis in the whole world. All BC weed sold through licensed dealers is grown right on BC farms, so you are directly supporting local BC farmers when purchasing weed locally! If you want to buy weed in person, Trinity Tree Cannabis on 10th Ave is close to campus.

You can search for the closest cannabis stores to you on weedmaps.com and input your city or location. Note that buying weed from dispensaries will ensure that you get the best quality cannabis and that your substance is safe.

If you’re looking for home delivery, you can order weed online and have the product delivered straight to your post office. To order, you can check out bccannabisstores.com and look through the variety of selections they’ve got and choose your favourite product to be delivered to you.

You must be 19 or older to purchase any cannabis products in BC and should only buy from licensed dealers