SSC and Degree Navigator

The Student Service Centre (SSC) is where you will find information on course registration, exams and tuition. It will be a close friend throughout your time in UBC. Here’s a rundown of all the tabs you’ll be using the most:

  1. Admissions — Your go-to for anything application-related. You can find your official letter of admission here!
  2. Finances — For accessing finances, tuition information, fee exemptions and tax forms. Academic awards and loans can also be found here.
  3. Registration — For browsing, planning and registering for courses. This tab allows you to create worklists and pre-plan your academic year before registration officially opens.
  4. Grades & Records — For accessing academic transcripts and records, such as grades, transfer credits, transcripts and proof of enrolment letters.
  5. Exams — For information about exam schedules, locations, exceptions for distance learners, deferred exam-takers and supplemental exams.
  6. Housing & Food — Redirects you to the UBC Student Housing and Community Services website, which allows prospective and current residents to manage housing applications, pay for housing, submit room inventory reports, request room transfers and manage sublet tenancy.
  7. Personal Info — For updating important documents and details, including emergency contacts, relevant IDs, citizenship and/or immigration documents, password changes and UBC contacts.
  8. Message Centre — For messages from your Enrolment Services Advisor, courses and important updates on your student account. You can always email your advisor about scholarships, financial dates and deadlines and all things admissions.

The Degree Navigator is one of the most important features of the SSC, and can be found under the ‘Registration’ tab. It allows you to track your progress for graduation and make sure you’re completing all the requirements.

To set it up, choose the year you started university and select ‘audit progress.’ Once this is completed, you will see the courses you have completed and what requirements you need to fulfill. You can also find your unofficial student transcript, information on different degrees and programs available at UBC, as well as course prerequisites for specific majors.

While Degree Navigator is a great tool, it should be treated as a supplement to academic planning — not an end-all, be-all guide. Courses and majors change all the time, and this may not always be reflected on the site. Make sure to speak to your program’s academic advisor for specialized advice on subjects such as majoring and minoring, prerequisites, switching programs and more.