Whether you’re a commuter or you live on campus, planning out your shopping map is a must while starting a new year at UBC. To spare your future self from buying a $24 bag of trail mix at the UBC Bookstore, read on.

The Grocery Checkout is conveniently located in the Nest, and is your one stop shop for over- priced little glass jars of organic yogurt. It also has fresh produce for when you are dying of scurvy from living off of Tim Hortons bagels.

Located by the University Boulevard bus loop, the Shoppers Drug Mart on campus has cosmetics, snacks, a small refrigerated/frozen section and a pharmacy. Be sure to grab a PC Optimum rewards card while you’re there track up those PC Optimum points! P.S. Bags of trail mix are cheaper here than at the UBC Bookstore.

H-Mart Express (on University Boulevard) is a Korean grocery store that looks small on the out- side, but on the inside it’s packed with everything from tea to candles and produce to kimbap.

The Save-On-Foods in Wesbrook Village possibly has the largest selection of groceries at UBC. As well as offering an online shopping and delivery service, Save-On has an in-store Starbucks for the times you need to caffeinate yourself to power through your shopping spree.

While the prices are on the higher side, The Corner Store (next to the UBC Bookstore) is excellent for its easy location and its history of fueling students with instant noodles and expensive bags of caramel popcorn. It also accepts flex dollars, guest cards and UBC card plans.

Lastly, technically not on campus, Simon’s No Frills on Alma Street is a 20-minute bus ride away and has some of the cheapest groceries in the city. Bonus: the store is small and has minimal selection which means you, the busy student you are, can get your shopping done in just a skip and a hop down the literal yellow brick road of No Name brand groceries.