So maybe you live with seven other people in an old house in Dunbar but you want to see a concert with a friend downtown. Never fear! You can get around Vancouver easily thanks to U-Pass. U-Pass is covered by your student fees, but in order to use it you’ll need to buy a $6 Compass Card at a SkyTrain station or grocery or convenience store. Conveniently, both Shoppers Drug Mart locations on campus and the UBC Bookstore sell them. Then, head online to link your new Compass Card with your U-Pass. Don’t forget to request access to your U-Pass each month (and remember that it may take 24 hours to load onto your Compass Card). Unfortunately, U-Pass does not carry into the summer months unless you’re enrolled in summer classes.

Ready to go! Now you’re ready to take transit in Vancouver! Google Maps and other transit apps are the best way to figure out how to get where you want to go. They’ll (usually) show you the fastest route to your destination, as well as (usually) have accurate bus times so you don’t find yourself waiting for a bus in the rain. Still, there are a few useful bus routes that service UBC that you may want to familiarize yourself with.

The 99 B-Line is an express bus that runs along Broadway. It’s an extra-long accordion bus that runs frequently and includes a stop at City Hall where you can transfer to the Canada Line SkyTrain. From there you can go downtown, to the airport, to Richmond and lots of other places you may want to explore during your time at UBC.

The 4, 14 and 84 are super useful if you want to shop and eat along W 4th Avenue. The 4 and 14 can also get you downtown and pretty close to Kitsilano Beach.

The R4 might end up being your lifeline if you live in South Vancouver, as it’s an express bus that runs east/west along the mostly residential 41st Avenue.

Finally, be safe. It’s good to know what time the last bus for the night is scheduled for before you go out. Most buses and trains in Vancouver stop running around 1 a.m. Night buses run, but much less frequently.