Financing your education

Let’s face it, university is full of never-ending expenses. Even though scholarship and loan applications can be daunting at first, they’re absolutely worth it in the long run.


Student loans are available for Canadian and American students, even if you’re only studying part-time. The application process will change depending on where you’re from but applying for them can possibly make you available for other student grants and bursaries — which you don’t have to pay back as part of your loan. Make sure you apply early in order to qualify for other programs like the UBC Bursary program and to actually receive your loan before tuition is due.

Scholarships & bursaries

Bursaries are usually awarded based on financial need but scholarships are typically given out for community involvement, club participation or overall strong academic performance. Both awards are non-repayable. For most students, you also have to take a minimum number of graded credits each year to be eligible. Different faculties and programs at UBC might also automatically consider you for awards as well. Check out the Student Services Centre to find some options.

The UBC Bursary program is another program that is available in the fall and summer for students with loans. Indigenous students may also be eligible for First Nation, band or community sponsorship to support tuition costs and even some monthly living expenses. For students with a disability, you can register with the Centre for Accessibility to get support and apply for awards.

If you need support, you can contact your Enrolment Services Advisor through the Student Services Centre or drop in to services online. These advisors are assigned to all UBC undergraduate students and their job is to help with any questions you might have about applying for student loans, paying tuition, making a budget and more. The awards section of the students website also lists many external and internal awards.

Remember, financing your education can be discouraging at times but a good application takes practice and it pays off (literally) to graduate debt-free!