From high school to university

Switching from high school to university isn’t like the movies. As much as we want our university experiences to be something like Good Will Hunting or Pitch Perfect, they did leave out some key pieces of reality. But, thanks to your friends at The Ubyssey, here are some tips to help make your transition as picture perfect as it can be.

In the classroom

One of the most obvious changes from high school to university is the classes. Teaching assistants (TAs) will likely be a new addition to your classrooms. TAs are usually graduate or upper year undergraduate students that help out in the class. This could mean being available to answer questions in office hours, grading assignments or even leading a class or two. However they present themselves in your classes, don’t take them for granted! Having an extra person to double check that you’re on the right path, ask a quick question or even just make a new friend can be an added bonus to your class. TAs rock!

It's all you

For many, university is the first step into adult- hood. With that comes control over so many aspects of your life. From which classes to take (ANTH 206: Anthropology of the Supernatural anyone?) to the timing of your class schedule and which professors you want to have, there are endless choices. While that may seem overwhelming, you may quickly find solace in being able to control your academic journey.

That’s not to mention all of the outside opportunities UBC has to offer. Fancy going on exchange? Go Global has you covered. Want to teach your language? Join the Tandem program. Want to become a Zumba instructor? There’s a club for that.

When UBC chose "Tuum Est" as a motto (which translates to “it is yours”), they really meant it. Having the independence to make your time here your own is a nice change from high school.

Don't get us wrong — it's hard!

Although university can be an exciting experience, it comes with its difficulties. Even if you love all of your courses, the workload is not going to be the same as high school.

You will have professors you find less than stellar and you’ll likely take one or two midterms that you feel terrible about, but don’t beat yourself up over that! These experiences happen to all of us. You do have what it takes to succeed — especially if you set yourself up by studying and remembering to balance your school and life.

You got here, after all. You have what it takes.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, your university experience is what you make it! Whether that is skipping class to make your own long weekend or running for AMS president, you are in control of your life. You might have a learning curve to university life, but with some balance and hard work, your success after high school is limitless.