Clubs and student groups

Joining clubs, undergrad student societies and undergrad student associations at UBC are some of the best ways to get involved in campus culture and meet new friends with similar interests. Clubs, groups and associations may sound pretty similar, but they all offer unique opportunities. We’ll give you the run down on each of them and show you where to get started.

There are over 350 clubs up and running already at UBC. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches your interests! Here are a few ways to find a club you might like.

Imagine Day

Imagine UBC is an annual event that takes place on the first day of winter term. Imagine UBC 2022 is set to take place on September 6, and will be packed with activities for first-year and returning students alike. A highlight of Imagine Day is browsing the booths along Main Mall set up by UBC’s various clubs. Here you can chat with club members, sign up for clubs and get some free club merch if you’re lucky!

AMS Club Days

If you missed the opportunity to browse club booths at Imagine Day, you can still check out an assortment of booths at the end of September. AMS Club Days is an event that takes place over the course of a few days, giving you ample time to explore your options. If you miss AMS Club Days in September, you can catch the event again in January.

AMS CampusBase

Feel like browsing clubs at your own leisure? You can check out the full list of UBC clubs at

Student societies

Each faculty at UBC is represented by a team of elected executives, student volunteers and council executives called an undergraduate student society. If you want to be involved with faculty-specific event planning and support services, volunteering for your faculty’s undergrad student society is the way to go. You can search for your faculty’s student society, or find links to most societies at

Student associations

An undergraduate student association is a group of students all seeking to enter into the same specialization further along in their studies. Finding a student association that aligns with your academic interests is a great way to gain extracurricular experience in your chosen field of study. Most associations offer the opportunity to participate in events, workshops and information sessions relevant to the specialization you’re pursuing. The majority of student associations are available to contact through websites and social media pages.