A home away from home

University can be daunting. On top of that, moving to a new country and to a huge campus can be even harder. Making new friends and finding your community is an important part of your university experience — we all need someone to grab a cup of coffee with when we’re feeling homesick. As scary as it may seem, UBC offers students numerous opportunities to make new friends and help them find their community.

Join a club

You may have heard this one a million times. But finding a club (UBC has more than 350 that might interest you) allows you to get together with people who are interested in the same things as you on a regular basis. You can find a new hobby and meet cool people at the same time. You can also join a student association based on where you’re from or what groups you feel a part of.

Check out the global lounge network

The Simon K.Y. Lee Global Lounge and Resource Centre at Marine Drive building 1 provides student groups with a space to enjoy multinational events and organizations. Member organizations are divided into three committees: the International Development Committee, the Anti-Racism Committee and the Sustainability Committee.

Find a study group/buddy

First year, well undergrad in general, is hard. On the bright side, you can meet new people and study — ehm, suffer – with them. In the beginning of the term, try to find a study group that meets regularly to go over the class material. You can ace that midterm and find your community at the same time.

Residence friends

Living in residence can be convenient not only because it allows you to wake up five minutes before class, but you can meet new people without going out of your way. What’s even better is that everyone in first year residences is new to UBC, so you can explore campus life together!

Write for The Ubyssey!

Okay this one’s a little obvious. The Ubyssey, your student newspaper since 1918 (independent since 1995!), is where all the cool kids on campus hangout — it’s also very easy to get involved. You can write or show off your illustration, photography or videography skills in one (or all) of our 10 sections. If you’re interested, drop by our office in room 2208 of the Nest or come to one of our staff meetings!