Accessing medical services

UBC boasts an array of accommodations and medical services to support students on campus. Whether you need to fill a prescription between classes or seek immediate care for a health emergency, these resources are suited to serve the medical needs of the campus community.

In sickness and in health

Student Health Service: Students can arrange a visit with a physician, nurse practitioner or nurse by appointment with the UBC Student Health Service. Initial appointments will generally be lim- ited to a phone call or virtual visit, but in-person meetings at either the UBC Hospital Clinic or the Orchard Commons Clinic are also possible when necessary.

Clinics: Though the UBC Health Clinic is not currently accepting new patients, students can add themselves to the waitlist or explore some of the neighboring clinics off-campus. The BC College of Family Physicians recommends that those looking for a general practitioner utilize the Pathways Med- ical Care Directory, reach out to your local Division Family Practice and inquire about whether any physicians are accepting new patients or ask a close friend to introduce you to their family doctor.

Students can also call HealthLink BC at 811 and ask about being connected with a family doctor. HealthLink is a valuable resource in itself, as it has a team of pharmacists, registered nurses and registered dietitians to support health care needs over the phone.

Walk-in clinics can be found with the help of the MediMap website, which will provide the location, contact info and estimated wait time for an array of clinics near you. Hospital: The urgent care centre at the UBC Hospital requires no appointment and serves an array of medical ailments, ranging from sports injuries to infections. The hospital also offers diagnostic imaging services, an array of specialized care treatments and more.

Blood clinics (or a hub to meet your vampire boyfriend)

Hospital: The most convenient location for a quick blood test is the UBC Hospital Lab. You can even save a seat using the Outpatient Laboratory Online Booking System. Save My Spot: If you find yourself needing to use an off-campus blood clinic, the LifeLabs Save My Spot app is awesome for helping you call dibs on a seat and update you with projected wait times.

Friendly neighbourhood pharmacists

Shoppers Drug Mart and University Pharmacy: These two on-campus pharmacies are perfect, whether you need to fill a prescription, get your flu shot or pick up some dietary supplements.

All of these services will be fundamental to supporting your health as a student at UBC. If you feel sick or ‘off,’ a meeting with a health care practitioner can be what’s needed to set you on the path to feeling like your best self.