Accessibility resources

Centre for Accessibility

The Centre for Accessibility facilitates programming, initiatives and accommodations to reduce barriers for students with disabilities and ongoing medical con- ditions including, but not limited to, mental health conditions, neurological disabilities, chronic health conditions and physical or sensory disabilities. You’ll have access to tools, resources and accommodations to make your UBC experience the best it can be.

  • Priority access to housing: Such services include priority placement in student housing when a student has needs that cannot be met in off-campus housing. Students can also be offered a priority assignment in a specific unit type. Placements require an application with supporting medical documentation, and suc- cessful placements are for year-round housing (with the exception of first-year students who are offered winter session housing).
  • Course load requirements: If a student is unable to meet Student Housing’s credit load requirement (9 credits/term) for disability-related reasons, students can get accommodations from the Centre that allow them to take a reduced course load and still live in student housing.
  • Accessibility Shuttle: For people with conditions impacting their mobility, the UBC Accessibility Shuttle assists in traveling to and from pedestrian areas on campus. This free service operates Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (last ride at 4:10 p.m.), and is available by reservation at 604.822.9929.
  • Wayfinding: UBC Wayfinding can assist in identifying accessible entrances and distinguishing between manual and power doors.
  • Accessible parking: People can get a special needs permit for reduced-rate-parking through the Centre for Accessibility. Accessible parking spots are also available across campus for those with a SPARC decal.

Academic accommodations

Academic accommodations are offered to students with a disability or ongoing medical condition through the Centre for Accessibility. These services are designed to provide students access to the academic environment that will best suit their needs and help them overcome challenges that may affect their academic success.

Accommodations include, but are not limited to, captioning and American Sign Language interpretation, alternate format materials, notetaking and exam accommodations.

Eligibility is outlined in the university’s Disability Accommodation Policy (Policy LR7), although some exceptions are possible. For example, students can register as autistic with a diagnosis older than three years. The Centre for Accessibility also hires student assistants in the form of notetakers, exam assistants and invigilators to work directly with students with disabilities.

Not sure if you’re eligible for accommodations? You can request information from the Centre for Accessibility by emailing or calling 604.822.5844.