Study spots

UBC has many amazing study spots, but well-known study spots can get crowded and noisy. Here are some less-crowded study spots on campus that you should know about.

Student residence commonsblock

Each residence has a commonsblock with open and closed study spaces. They tend not to be very busy except during dinnertime and are only a walk away from your dorm room. The commonsblock is open almost 24/7 with the exception of booked meetings.

Orchard commons classrooms

Orchard Commons has study spaces besides its front desk where students can find tables for group study or small cubicles to study in. The classrooms a floor above are ideal for working on group projects and group study sessions. While studying, enjoy the beautiful scenery outside many of the classroom windows.

Woodward Library

Considered one of the best study spots on campus, Woodward Library on Health Sciences Mall is very quiet and spacious with its numerous study cubicles and empty classrooms to study in. Woodward is an excellent alternative to the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre or the Koerner Library.

Forest Sciences Centre — MacMillan Bloedel Atrium

Enjoy the vibrant green space at this study spot. The Forest Sciences Centre has an atrium enhanced by natural light and is ideal for quiet study and has larger tables for group work. If you need to eat during your study session, Tim Hortons

is a walk away from the atrium. While this study spot is open to all students, there is a preference for forestry students to study there during exam season.

Institute for Computing Information and Cognitive Systems/Computer Science (ICICS/CS)

While this building was created for computer science students and staff, there are many study spaces for all UBC students. There is an outlet within reach of each study space and you can book study rooms for up to six hours per week to complete group projects.

Arts Student Centre

While this newly-built centre was designed for arts students, there is enough space for any UBC student to study at. You can also take a study break and visit the Rose Garden.