Finding your community

Coming to university can be very challenging — it’s a completely new environment where you start building your social circle from scratch. However, that’s the best thing about being a student: meet- ing new people and growing together! UBC has tons of places for you to find your community.

Join a club

What connects people more than similar interests? UBC is home to over 350 clubs, so you will find the right match for your interests — whether it’s anime, robots or anatomy.

Clubs Day takes place twice a year: September and January. This is where you can explore clubs booths and bring up all your questions.

On Imagine Day, you will be welcomed to UBC by your faculty dean, professors and up- per-year students. You can meet your future class- mates and explore UBC clubs and other resources during the Main Event.

UBC collegia

In your first year, you are eligible to join collegia if you commute to campus. It’s not only a place where you can have rest between classes, but also a place where you can socialize. Collegia have music, couches, study spaces, board games and activities and everything else you need to feel at home when you’re at school. They also organize their own events where you can meet new people and stay connected.

Attend UBC events

Participating in the events you are interested in can be a great opportunity to meet new people and build connections.

Every faculty has its own undergraduate newsletter. Here you will be notified when there are upcoming faculty events and professional development opportunities.

Most of the faculties, undergraduate societies, clubs and design teams have their own social media accounts. Follow them to stay updated about future events you can attend.

Residence life

Living in residence is a lot of fun and it’s going to be your new home! The students you share spaces with are your neighbours and people you will see around a lot. First-year residence events such as sock wars, sports games and coffeehouses can help you to build some new and lasting friendships. Keep an eye on what your RA and house council put together throughout the year.


If you enjoy sports, visiting the gyms can be the right choice for you! Attending fitness classes at the gyms will keep you healthy and help you build a new community!

Go to your lectures

Even though it sounds obvious, you and your classmates have so much in common!

Asking questions, discussing iClicker answers and helping a student you sit with can strengthen your bonds with them. Going through the challenges of learning in a busy university environment always brings people together.