How to get involved

The Ubyssey is built up by students just like you. Whether that’s a story, visual, video or our website — we need student contributors to keep us running.

Pick up a pitch

The easiest way to get involved with The Ubyssey is to join our pitchlists! Here, editors send out articles they need written. Pitches are short descriptions of stories that editors want someone to cover — whether that’s a cool news story, new event happening on campus, a recap of a T-Birds game or even a video, photo or illustration.

To keep up to date on all things pitches, you can join The Ubyssey’s mailing list by visiting

You can also join our section Facebook groups or Discord server. Here, editors post last-minute pitches, random announcements and links to hybrid section meetings. Have questions? You can contact an editor to get involved! You can find our emails at pages/about or you can message us on Discord!

But...I don't write!

That’s no problem! Our team of editors can help you develop those writing skills. And if you’re not into writing, you can take photos, create illustrations and videos or even join our web development team.

None of those tickle your fancy? You can join our Board of Directors, which oversees all things business regarding the paper. They are elected once a year during spring AMS elections.

Come to our office

We hold meetings for all of our sections in our office, so come visit us in Room 2208 in the Nest! You can join our Discord server to stay updated on all things Ubyssey, including pitches and our weekly section and staff meetings.

Staff meetings are also a great way to get to know your friends at The Ubyssey! Once a week we talk about exciting things going on at the paper, the top ten articles of the week and hangout.

You can also drop by the office on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to eat your lunch, do some homework, brainstorm a pitch or shoot the shit. Editors are in the office pretty much all the time, so if you have questions for us, come visit us. We’re fun, I promise (and we have a microwave).