Queer and Trans Resources

File Josh Curran

The Pride Collective

The Pride Collective is the oldest 2SLGBTQIA+ group on campus. It’s a great place to meet other Queer and Trans people on campus, especially people from across faculties. They have many weekly meetings like Female Lovers Weekly, Guy Lovers Weekly, QTBIMPOC Space and more. The collective also has resources, like the Hungry-Hamper Program and sometimes have gender-affirming wear. Their lounge is located in the Nest in room 2103.

Faculty-specific Queer and Trans spaces

There are also faculty-specific Queer and Trans spaces, like Gears & Queers for engineering students and Queer Coded for computer science students. These programs are a good way for you to get to know some of the other 2SLGBTQIA+ folks in your classes or program.


UBC has tried to simplify using chosen names in their system. You can update your name in the personal information part of the SSC. You can change your gender marker by talking to your Enrolment Services Advisor. If you live in residence you’ll need to update your account with Student Housing and Community Services. Because of holes in the system, it may be necessary to have to explain your gender situation to professors or administrators. That can be scary or shitty, so if you have concerns you can talk to the UBC Equity & Inclusion Office.

The AMS/GSS health plan covers most gender-affirming hormone therapy and through the provincial medical services plan students can access lower and upper-body surgery. Wait times to access hormones and surgery in the province can be long though. While it may feel hard, remember that there are people and resources here to support you.

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