Academic Resources

Zubair Hirji

As much as you want to party and make friends, university is technically for learning.


As scary as it can be, talking to your professors can really make or break your university experience. Once you get over your fear of potentially sounding not smart, your professors can be the best resource. Connecting with your professors can also be helpful in the long run, like when you need reference letters.

Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication

If you are having trouble nailing your essays and assignments, try heading over to the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication. They lead workshops and consultations to help you make your work better. Due to the pandemic they’ve moved their consultations online, which you can book on their website


Maybe this is a hot take but going to the library and taking out physical books is epically underrated. There are so many more sources you can find for your research if you make the leap to textual material, rather than depending on an online summons search. If you’re one to have trouble on when to start projects, UBC has a nifty assignment calculator online, for both research papers and lab reports. This website can help you plan out your schedule for any given assignment, so you’re less likely to feel that crunch at the end.


If you heed our last advice and find yourself in a library you can actually ask for help on your projects. A librarian’s whole job is to know what books are good, so you should really trust them to be experts. As the libraries are closed you can still get research help online by emailing them.

Our last advice is just do your school work as it comes, rather than leaving it to the end. Yeah, we know you aren’t going to do that, and hell, we don’t do that either, but we thought it would be worth a shot.

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