Staying Fit On and Off Campus

Theresa Wong

On campus

Gyms are starting to open with limited capacity, and since fewer students will be on campus in the first term, try going to the gyms around campus.

UBC has plenty of facilities to enjoy, though they’re operating a bit differently to accomodate provincial health policy. Right now, the Aquatic Centre, BirdCoop, Tennis Centre, Student Rec Centre and more are open with reduced hours, so make sure to check out UBC Recreation’s website for more information and updates.

Some of the parks and fields are open on campus though, so go for a run or do your favourite workout routine outside, but don’t forget about physical distancing!

Off campus

YouTube workout videos. There are plenty of fitness videos online that you can reference while you are trying to burn the calories that you have been storing during quarantine. As a bonus, many YouTube videos feature a fitness instructor who will do the workout with you, so it’s like a free virtual workout class.

TikTok dances. You have seen them and we all know ’em. Practice those trendy dance moves and possibly post a TikTok video of your own!

Going for a walk. Staying at home every day can be tough. Take time to go around your neighbourhood for some fresh air.

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