Financial Resources

Zubair Hirji

Enrolment Services Advisors (ESAs)

are a team of UBC advisors tasked with helping you plan out your college finances. Each student is assigned to one, so they can provide personalized assistance. You should have received emails from your ESA as early as this past May, offering support for course registration and finances.

Finance apps

Things like Mint, Slice, PocketBudget or your bank’s app can help you wrangle your spending and know what you’re working with. Even something as simple as jotting down what you’re spending is better than nothing. An eye on your finances will never go amiss, whether you’re Tony Two-Pence or Mary Moneybags.

COVID-19-specific financial support

is available, including the Canada Emergency Response Benefit and more grants on the federal and provincial levels. Many loan and grant opportunities have been increased as well due to the pandemic. Check for more detailed information on what the options are and how you can apply for them.

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