Job Hunting

Patrick Gillin

The (physically distant) grind never stops! Here are some ways that you can get a job to help pay the bills this coming year.

UBC’s Work Learn program is still running. UBC has remote work arrangements for many jobs where feasible. As long as you are physically in Canada, you are eligible to apply for any remote jobs available beginning in August for the coming winter session.

Businesses and organizations around UBC and Vancouver are still recruiting. On campus, the AMS is still hiring for some positions on campus from event planning to student government.

While you likely can’t apply for them immediately, UBC has plenty of teaching assistant, note-taking and secretarial positions to fill within classes or departments. You’ll hear more about these opportunities throughout the school year, based on which courses you’re taking.

Remote jobs for students are posted all the time on websites like LinkedIn or Indeed. Shoot your shot at companies on these sites for a chance to work remotely and maybe even gain experience related to your future field.

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