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Zubair Hirji

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"Try to achieve balance. Study hard yes, but also take time to take care of yourself."
— Santa Ono
"I try my best to reduce my expenses by cooking meals myself, making my own coffee and finding the best deals. Essentially, find out what expenses you have the most control over and then accept responsibility by keeping them low."
— Nathaniel Andre-Peirano
"Buy a plunger before you need it."
— Zubair Hirji
"Learn to recognize when you need to take a break. I used to get stuck in this hole where I thought I would be able to work practically 24/7, and it really didn’t work out for me. Taking a break may seem counter-intuitive but it allows you to be more productive the next day, at the expense of a couple hours. Truth me, it’s worth it – if you feel like you can’t focus, and you’re stressing out over not being able to study properly, and thinking of all the work you’ll have to do the next day… just take a break."
— Ioana David
"Everyone adults at their own speed. I have friends of friends getting engaged, friends graduating, and it can all feel competitive. Take everything at your own pace: there is nothing wrong with enjoying your journey (after all, it IS your own)."
— Ioana David
"Choose your roommates wisely. Those who you are friends with may not be the cleanest or most co-operative with keeping the living spaces tidy."
— Nathaniel Andre-Peirano