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Zubair Hirji

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"Know what you don’t know, and be kind to yourself. Staying up the night before cramming will not help – try to space out your studying over a week (two, before finals); and make sure you take the time to relax AND sleep well the night before your exam. The more relaxed you are mentally, the better you sleep, and the clearer your mind is the next morning. Even though it might seem counter-intuitive, it definitely helps!"
— Ioana David
"I genuinely love my co-op experience. I get to learn about whatever I want, and play around with what has essentially become my own 3D printer. I’m currently working on a project to make a wireless pressure sensor, and I literally feel like a little kid in a toy shop at Christmas."
— Ioana David
"Engage your curiosity and broaden your horizons. Not every student has co-op or study abroad opportunities available but if you do, seize those opportunities. Join a club, volunteer for a cause -engage yourself with the world."
— Santa Ono
"Both Day of the Longboat and Storm the Wall are incredibly fun and exhilarating experiences that you should not graduate without having participated in! Longboat is all about teamwork, communication, and competition. Storm the wall is about planning, reliability, and jumping over a 12 foot wall. Both are by far the best traditions on campus. I recommend you wear a ridiculous costume to either event, I've done them in a banana costume and in a hot dog costume."
— Zubair Hirji
"My favourite tradition at UBC is not having enough time to get between classes."
— Nathaniel Andre-Peirano