102 Things to Do at UBC

Zubair Hirji

1. Find The Ubyssey office

2. Write for The Ubyssey

3. Write an essay the day before it’s due

4. Go to Pit Night (virtually or in person) and promptly leave

5. Join too many clubs and never go to a meeting

6. Scour campus for free food

7. Consider jumping in the Martha Piper fountain

8. Take a picture of a bird

9. Take a picture of a squirrel

10. See a coyote

11. Smoke a joint in the forest

12. Look up whom a building is named after

13. Try and fail at printing in the library

14. Ask the person working at the library help desk for help

15. Have a favourite coffee shop

16. Realize the coffee on campus is the tip of the iceberg

17. Go to office hours and cry

18. Get too drunk on a Wednesday and go to class hungover

19. Buy Blundstones because everyone else has them

20. Sleep through a class

21. Wake up 10 minutes before a final

22. Have three days of back-to-back finals

23. Get a Work Learn job

24. Have a favourite Buchanan building

25. Have a class crush

26. Paint the Cairn

27. Drunkenly lie on a bench and stare at the stars

28. Send a family member/friend a picture of the view from above the Rose Garden

29. Order The Communist Manifesto on Amazon and promptly realize the hypocrisy

30. Almost get hit by a bike on Main Mall

31. Go to Wreck Beach and regret it once you have to go back up the stairs

32. Go to a UBC Improv show

33. Make a Twitter account

34. See vomit in a sink

35. Do the Polar Bear Swim and instantly regret it

36. Invent a new microwave meal

37. Forget to renew your U-Pass

38. Volunteer for CiTR

39. Go to the MOA and recommend it to every person you know

40. Go to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and stare at the whale skeleton

41. Go to the Nitobe Memorial Garden and realize you’ve been thinking about your future for 45 minutes

42. Illegally download a textbook

43. Study in the Harry Potter room

44. Change your major

45. Change your major a second time

46. Consider dropping out

47. Wonder who any of the headliners at Block Party are

48. Read your textbook on the bus and get nauseous

49. Take a bus you’ve never taken before just for fun

50. Send a passionate email to an elected official

51. Get a gym membership and never use it

52. Take a philosophy course because you think it’ll be fun and almost fail it

53. Wonder when the rain will ever end

54. Fall in love

55. Go through a breakup

56. Consider taking shrooms to break the monotony

57. Try to use the degree navigator and break down in tears

58. Leave a passive aggressive note for your roommate because they keep leaving dirty dishes in the sink and attracting fruit flies

59. Vote in the AMS elections

60. Eat a Triple O’s Tuesday burger

61. Eat a UBC cinnamon bun

62. Realize Ponderosa cake is better

63. Match with someone from a class on Tinder

64. Delete Tinder

65. Try Bumble

66. Realize that sucks too

67. Wonder when you’ll meet a special someone

68. Meet someone special

69. Get 69 per cent in a class and laugh about it instead of being sad

70. Curse the construction fences

71. Take a three-hour class and regret everything

72. Forget everything you learned in your language requirement classes

73. Discover your sense of style

74. Buy a poster from the poster sale in the Nest and hate it after two months

75. Go apartment hunting and lose all hope

76. Rant about the housing market

77. Buy a plant and let it die

78. Develop a strong opinion about Vancouver’s transit infrastructure

79. Learn what AMS stands for

80. Learn a new drinking game

81. Steal toilet paper from a public bathroom

82. Find out that Canvas is tracking you and fall down the rabbit hole of surveillance

83. See the ghost in IKB

84. See the hitchhiker ghost

85. Tell all your friends back home your UBC ghost stories

86. Go to a protest

87. Have to evacuate your residence because someone pulled the fire alarm at 4 a.m.

88. Develop strong opinions about instant noodle brands

89. Vow to read x number of books in a year and never get close

90. Have a favourite Blue Chip cookie

91. Get a spontaneous haircut just to feel something

92. Fall in love with the regular campus dogs

93. Find yourself extremely defensive over your favourite citation style

94. Be late to class because the bus got stuck in the snow

95. Have a very strong opinion on Uncle Fatih’s vs. Pizza Garden

96. Binge watch a reality show instead of studying for your midterm

97. Wear your residence lanyard 24/7

98. Make fun of first years for always wearing their lanyards

99. Take more years to finish your degree than you initially planned

100. Reflect on all the fun you had through the years

101. Take your last finals

102. Graduate and wonder how you’ll ever get a job with this degree

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