Bursaries, Scholarships, Loans

Theresa Wong


The hunt for free money never stops! Getting the right scholarship or a bursary (essentially, a university grant) could be the difference between years of loans and a debt-free undergrad. 

The good news is that all undergraduates are automatically considered for dozens of financial awards each year. Depending on myriad factors including your nationality, financial need and course of study, you could be eligible for some of the 100+ scholarships and bursaries offered by UBC itself. 

The university also has awards you can apply for, plus resources for external scholarships from provincial governments, non-profits and other organizations. All you have to do is look for them on your faculty website.

Online scholarship aggregators like ScholarshipsCanada and the Student Life Network can help you find a scholarship from an independent non-profit or private company as well.


If you are a Canadian citizen

The Canada Student Loans Program offers programs at canlearn.ca which can help you finance your education.

Students with Canadian residency are able to apply for loans through their home province. Research your province’s options online for more information.

If you are a United States citizen

The United States Direct Loans program offers assistance to students because UBC is a Title IV school. 

If you are an international student

Check your local government’s student loan policies! They may be able to help you with your expenses.

Banks offer something called a student line of credit: a type of loan that lets you borrow a certain amount of money at a time to help finance school expenses like textbooks or housing. Because lines of credit only have students pay interest on the money borrowed, students can save more money than they would with a direct loan. Interest rates may also be lower than typical student loans.

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