Dorm Essentials

Kai Jacobson

Whether you have the luxury of a view of the ocean from your bedroom or you have a view of a brick wall, here are some dorm room essentials you’ll need to survive in first year residence.

Mini fridge

You will get sick of res food. Hopefully not in the first month, but at some point. Having a mini fridge allows you to eat what you want and hopefully save some money so you don’t run out of res dollars before the end of the term. Hint: look on the UBC Buy & Sell Facebook page for a cheap one.


For late-night studying and self-care nights, having a kettle is essential. Buy some tea bags and a nice mug and you’ll never have to pay two dollars for shitty res tea again.

Photos, posters and adhesive putty

Make your room feel like home! Bring photos, posters and decorations galore. But to not damage the walls, buy some adhesive putty so you can stick all your decorations up without worrying about having to pay for any damages. You can get this for like five bucks, and usually it’s reusable!

Shower caddy & flip flops

The showers can get disgusting, whether you’re sharing with one other person or everyone on your floor. Buy a caddy to carry all of your toiletries to the washroom and flip flops to protect your feet from everything that has touched the washroom floor.

Little fan

Perfect for some white noise and to keep you cool when the heating in the building is set too high.

Laundry hamper

Walking from your dorm room to the laundry room doesn’t have to be a juggling act trying not to drop your dirty underwear in the hallway. Buy a laundry hamper so you can easily transport your dirty clothes to the laundry room and your clean clothes back to yours.

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