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Editor's Note

There’s a saying back home that goes ‘If something’s tough, that just means it’s worth doing.’ I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this year’s going to be tough. The articles in this guide are to help you see that this year — with its Zoom calls, video lectures and Canvas aplenty — is worth doing.

The common thread throughout this guide is that you’re going to find some of the best folks you’ve ever known in your classes and clubs meetings — it’s just a matter of getting out there and attending. The caveat to that thread is that online learning means you’ve got to put in a bit more legwork to develop those connections, but after plenty of time spent inside, you’re likely itching to meet new people. So take those leaps of faith, turn on your trash webcam once in a while and try engaging with the course material — if you’re lucky, you’ll find some folks who make the next few years pass like a breeze. I know I did.

And one last thing: if you’re new to BC, here’s an important piece of culture to welcome you. A quote from one of the smartest folks around: “Be kind, be calm, be safe.”

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“Yeah, online classes aren't exactly the intro you wanted to university life. But you WILL get your iconic first-year moments when we can all return to campus. Remember - you're in university to learn, and you will still get to do that this year. Plus, it's a way better way to make the most of your time in quarantine - it's not like any of us can do the typical gap year of travel or work right now anyway.”

— Julia Burnham
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“University can seem scary, especially for a large university, but everyone is so excited to make new friends that the size really doesn’t matter. And for all the first-years who are upset about their experience: just know that you are going through the same thing that everyone else is going through, and you are not alone.”

— Ioana David
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