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My eyes melted out of my head and I vomited for two hours when I had to even try to understand what gravity is. But despite this, we still felt it was a good idea to have a section entirely dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

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Ethics and moral principle fly out the window in the funnest way when you’re strapped for cash. Imagine how invaluable you’d be to the students of your course when you shamefully hand over the answer to the only thing that you’ve ever loved.


“This is a beautiful story for people of all ages with a beautiful moral: if you just hang around long enough, good things will happen to you.”


So I went to my local Footlocker, grabbed a few cans of shoe polish and went to town. I found Kiwi brand gave me the darkest black. But before I had the chance to outline my mouth, I was sternly asked to leave over and over again.

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