Join a crowd of 50 people panicking because the printing system is down

This week in the library will see the month’s biggest event for all the panic fans. At precisely 12:57 p.m., three minutes before you’re supposed to have your paper in, the printing system at Irwin K. Blarber will be completely non-operational. Along with 50 other last-minute printers, panic, freak out and be likely late for your next class.

An interesting feature that happened at last month’s event, which they will hopefully revisit this week, was that 10 people asked the weary library staff the same, absolutely beautiful question: “Hey, do you know when I can print?”

As for other events happening this week, this does not outrank the inability to connect to ubcsecure that is happening this Thursday as soon as you need to submit your paper or the too-long line for the Starbucks coffee you need before your 8 a.m class. But if given the chance, you would be remiss to skip this momentous event.