Nosh Hunt: Chickens strips galore

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I love chicken strips. It’s the one thing that got me through my first semester in residence cafeterias and I know you probably love them too. Such a tender story. Perfect with a crisp outer layer and juicy on the inside. Obviously it’s not healthy to consume these tenderlings on a regular basis, but who am I kidding? When I’m frustrated with Math 104 or stressed out about life in general, I know a salad isn’t going to satisfy my cravings. I tried out chicken strips from three different places across campus I know there are many more, but I started with the basics.

Residence hall chicken strips

These chicken strips are absolutely scrumptious. I live in Vanier, so this comfort food is extremely comfortable to get at our dining hall, Gather. You get 4.5 strips per serving for a hefty bill of $10 but with your residence discount, it comes out about $7.50. This was the cheapest of all the options I tried. I often eat these with a side of soup or veggies to convince myself I’m living a healthy lifestyle, but you do you. I’ve got nothing to complain about these strips and frankly, I don’t think I would’ve survived first term without this star dish on my list of favourites.

Rating: 9/10

['auto'] Sara Arora

Triple O’s

This convenient joint close to Sauder, the Koerner Library and Klinck remains a favourite amongst students who are:

  • too lazy to go back to their res halls amidst ‘studying’
  • need a quick pick me up between classes
  • are too guilt ridden to use actual money on food (Triple O’s accepts residence dollars!)

These chicken strips were great but I personally thought the size was small. Three strips came for $3.99 and five for $6.99. When compared to residence halls, this price was more or less the same, including the residence dollars' discount. These were juicy and savoury, but lacked in the crisp department or at least it did when I was there. It’s a decent snack on the go, but not enough for a meal.

Rating: 7.5/10

['auto'] Sara Arora

Tim Horton's

Ah, alas the favourite Canadian treasure. I tried this so you wouldn’t have to. Honestly, it was quite a disappointment. The expectation here was something other than what was portrayed on their website, and the reality was lagging behind on so many levels. First, the size of one strip was so small and to pay around $6.50 for this meal was unreasonable. This isn’t to say that the flavour wasn’t amazing, which it was and had an enjoyable zing, but the texture could have used some work. I’m still going back to Tim’s for their Timbits and hot cocoa though, both of which are affordable and delicious!!

Rating: 6/10

['auto'] Sara Arora

The results

On the whole, from the limited selection of places I visited the chicken strips from residence dining halls are the best! It’s the one food that dealt with the picky eater within me, and provided an affordable, comforting solution all the while contributing to the freshman 15. These options were the most basic ones on campus, though there are a plethora of places beyond campus that offer world class chicken strips but if you’re holed up in your dorm this finals szn, grab this comfort food at your res hall and put them res dollars to good use.