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beaty whale skeleton

On my first day back on campus, I got off the R4 and walked carelessly north towards the shining Buchanan headlights that guided me home when I stopped dead in my tracks. This is not where my class is today. I gulped, fear seeping into every pore. Was I supposed to go to… the other side of campus?


It’s almost like it didn’t even happen. Only segments of thoughts and nothing concrete —

talking shit on campus

For the first time in my life, I was told that I was “the quietest person” in the room. I’ve never been told this before because I am very loud — so loud that I am usually referred to as loud and annoying, even if I’m shy in a new setting. I guess I just have an ear-splitting voice.

Guide 2021 student email.jpg

It’s been four years and I can’t stop thinking about you. What did I do wrong? You used to be excited to get an email from me, back when you were young and in high school. “UBC emailed me!” You’d frantically yell to your friends, and they were excited for us.

20220504 b meehan cheap beers

During the early days of the pandemic, I became a bit of a beer girl. Now, I’ve really developed a liking for beer, albeit I could not tell you what the difference between a Pilsner and an IPA is, but I'm back to offer my unsolicited opinion about things I'm not qualified to judge!

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