A beer girl's guide: Rating cheap beers on campus

During the early days of the pandemic, I became a bit of a beer girl. I eased into it mostly because my parents drink beer and I had to drink something during those isolating times, but now I’ve really developed a liking for it, albeit I could not tell you what the difference between a Pilsner and an IPA is and couldn't define the word ‘hoppy’ for my life, though it is thrown around a lot.

I know nothing about beer, but I'm back to offer my unsolicited opinion about things I'm not qualified to judge!

I drink beer because it pairs nicely with a patio. But, hot take, does anyone know anything about beer, or do we all just pretend we do to appeal to other pretentious people? Anyhoo! Here are my tasting notes of this limited selection of campus beers that have almost nothing to do with the actual beer. You’re welcome!

T-Bird Lager, The Gallery, $4.75

I had to do it. It embodies cheap beer. In full disclosure, it was a sunny day and I had this beer on the patio while consuming culture via Girlbossmopolitan. Since it was noon and I had yogurt for breakfast, this drink went straight to my head and got better with every sip. I’m going to give it a 7/10, only because I’m kind of buzzed writing this.

Driftwood IPA, Koerner’s Pub, $6.00

Koerner’s has a selection of beers that are all the same price, which doesn’t help me at all so I just got the first one on the menu. It was good, though I was sad it didn’t arrive in the cute little mason jar that I’m used to getting my margarita in. But, I forgot how cool Koerner’s is. Everyone looks like they fit in here. People are studying, working, living, laughing, loving and jiving. What a lovely environment! I only wish they had those tiny drink umbrellas. 8/10 because I feel like a main character at Koerner’s.

Happy Hour Chardonnay, Brown’s Crafthouse, $5.00

I literally could not get another beer. 9/10.