Li, Hassib, Ho, Kanji and Razia win Senate seats

Davey Li, Kareem Hassib, Mathew Ho, Kamil Kanji and Sultana Razia are your next student senators-at-large.

These five candidates beat out newcomer Ayesha Irfan and incumbent Romina Hajizadeh.

Hassib, Ho, Li and Razia are new to the role, while Kanji will return for his second year on the Student Senate Caucus.

Ho, a current AMS councillor, ran on a platform of improving experiential learning and reviewing academic affiliation policy.

“God, that was very unexpected,” said Ho.

“I also thank the AMS for my costume for this year,” said Ho, who was dressed as a Sith lord from the Star Wars franchise.

This is Hassib’s first role in UBC student governance. He campaigned on promises of prioritizing reconciliation action and improving student accessibility.

“I feel amazing,” Hassib said, “Coming in second place, that’s a huge honour.”

When asked what the first thing he would do first, he said he would “rest.”

Hassib also won his elections for one of two Board of Governors seats.

Kanji was re-elected to his position on the Senate, continuing on his platform focused on academic policy change, inclusivity, and more open education resources.

Kanji felt “over the fucking moon — three out of three, baby!”

He also won his bids for AMS VP Academic and University Affairs and the Student Legal Fund Society’s Board of Directors.

When asked about what the first thing he will do is, he was speechless.

Li is making the jump from the Science Undergraduate Society to the Senate after campaigning on a platform centered around accessibility and compassionate academic policy.

While Li was unable to attend the results night due to illness, he was “really excited,” to be elected.

“This is unexpected, but definitely welcome,” he said on a call with The Ubyssey.

The first thing Li will do is “nap.”

Razia has been elected to the Senate following a campaign focused on diversity and inclusion, affordability and holistic academic practices. She also had an unsuccessful Board of Governors run this year.

Over a phone call with The Ubyssey, Razia said her first priority is to “get all libraries open 24 hours, [or] at least one of them.”

When asked how she was feeling, Razia thanked everyone for her win and said, “Awesome, I wanna say awesome.”