Letter: How to make the most out of stARTup

2 days, 2 hours agoThe biggest event of your first year in Arts awaits — stARTup (a.k.a. Arts Freshman Orientation)! Get ready for one of the most exciting events of your undergraduate career and to make unforgettable memories with your soon-to-be peers!

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Positively sex: Cosmo and the rise of female sexuality

They took on Brown as the first-ever female editor at the magazine, despite the fact that she had no experience editing. As editor-in-chief, she completely turned Cosmo around. Those bright cover girls eyeing you in the grocery store? Her work.

Mind your mind: The importance of being assertive and saying no

The danger is that when we’re bombarded by countless demands and high expectations, and feel obligated to say yes. It can often leave us appearing sweeter on the outside, but way more enraged and bitter on the inside.

Ask Natalie: Summertime sadness

I find many people during the school term have trouble justifying a night out because they know they have school work to do. If you don't give yourself time away from school, then you won't be able to fully engage yourself in that school work.

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We don't always have evidence of the tool itself. There are records of wood, leather, unripe bananas, bone and more. No matter how overwhelming your local sex shop’s dildo arsenal may be, they got nothing on human history.

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There will be five(!) different presentations at the beginning of the next Council meeting, highlighting a diversity of things the AMS is working on throughout the summer and into the school year — including this year's Block Party.

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Nearly every situation we face in our lives can become an opportunity to practice mindfulness. The challenge is that our automatic thoughts, ingrained beliefs and life-long habits usually militate against such practice.