Streeters: Arts language requirement

1 day, 11 hours agoThe Arts foreign language requirement has been a hot topic of late, so we toured campus to see what you think. Graden Deasey, Faculty of Engineering: “Personally, I wouldn't want to have to complete this requirement.”

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UBC’s Office of Information and Privacy has consistently exceeded the legal time limits for fulfilling requests related to the Institute and, at times, requested extravagant fees for requests. UBC must be held accountable for its veil of secrecy.

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If you’re worried about hurting their feelings, don’t be. If they're a close friend, then you’ll be talking about it sometime anyway. I’m sure if a conversation needs to happen, it will happen — outside of the internet.

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I most often cannot get a seat as able-bodied adults are sitting in them. I’m expected to wait until I’m noticed, then I have to participate in an interrogation — “Do you want this seat?” — and I have to thank the person (no comment).

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