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AMS Decoded: What to look for in the September 28 AMS Council meeting

Laserfiche — the AMS’s recently implemented archiving software — is an ongoing project that Council has been discussing for about two years and it's meant to make AMS documents more accessible to the student body at large.

Mind your mind: Social media hygiene

A few years ago, I had the not-so-shocking realization that my social media habits were, indeed, fueling procrastination and lowering my productivity levels. Thus, I made the decision to delete all but one of my social media accounts.

Ask Natalie: I'm homesick and lonely

You're homesick and that's completely normal. It's hard being away from your friends and family who were happy to support you. You're with new people in a new environment and you're a little disoriented. That's fine.

What’s on the Board? September 21 BoG meeting

Decisions made at the board impact all current and future students in areas such as affordability, diversity and campus development. This is our effort to decode the topics that we think you should know and care about.

Last words: Nest washrooms sinks — broken or haunted?

Yes, the washrooms in the Nest are new and pretty — like they're straight out of Pulp Fiction, but with much less cocaine. However, the sinks only seem to mysteriously turn on when you're using the toilet and no one else is around.

Positively Sex: Consent will make you better in bed

That's literally all it takes to be good in bed. You can master all the techniques you like, but even that one you have to really stretch before trying isn't going to do anyone any good if your partner's not into it.