Senate Decoded: What to expect in the October 19 Senate meeting

18 hours agoThis next Senate meeting will take place on October 19, 2016 at 6 p.m. in IKBLC 182 (Victoria Lecture Theatre). Senate is open for anyone to attend if you’re ever interested in academic affairs or meeting Santa Ono.

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Their Campus: Feeling like a first-year again in Edinburgh

My tactic when I was first here was just to not think about my family — and it was totally working until about a week ago, when I first Skyped with my mom and 14-year-old sister. I immediately started crying and couldn’t say exactly why.

Positively Sex: What if UBC had a kink club?

Look, I’m not about to go out and say that UBC is lacking. I’m just saying we don’t have something Harvard, Stanford and Columbia all have. I know it’s been on your mind, so I’ll say what you’re already thinking — a kink club.

Their Campus: Feeling at home in Cape Town

One of the biggest worries I had leaving for this exchange was regarding the type of people I’d meet here. Besides one other UBC student whom I had only met once prior to leaving, I knew not a single soul living in Cape Town.

Mind your mind: What to do in case of a mental health crisis

If you still find yourself facing difficulties, it may be time to seek out professional help. As scary as it sounds to ask for help and open up, have faith that you will receive help. Trust me, the kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze you.

Their Campus: Coping with coursework in Bordeaux

I’m excited to discover more about my classes and the school system here as I continue to learn. I’m less excited that the online platform the school uses is the same as Connect, but oh well. You can’t win them all.