Letter: BoG needs to re-evaluate its relationship with CIRDI

7 hours agoThe inception phase of this project is identified as April-September 2016, leaving little time for further “consultations” on our campus. I make the following requests for you as members of the UBC Board of Governors:

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Letter: Safewalk is no longer a “nice option” for me

Being a victim of sexual assault means that every extra half hour I have to wait to use this service because of the people who are abusing it is another half hour I’m left feeling vulnerable and insecure.

Ask Natalie: What if I flunk out of school?

I’m 90 per cent sure I just failed two of my classes and I have a final tomorrow that I’m going to fail too. I kind of figured I would just pass, but now I’m really starting to panic. What do I do? Will I be kicked out of UBC???

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[Holi] is a time to let loose ... and celebrate our beautiful culture. We're frankly appalled by the recent unsolicited Ubyssey article written by a self-proclaimed “non-Nepalese/non-Indian/non-Hindu” individual with zero Desi presence in the piece.

The path to social purchasing

A social enterprise is a business that can make profits, but that has a mandate to reinvest those profits back into society to fulfill a greater social need, from hiring people with barriers to employment, to the commitment of buying local produce.