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AMS holds 500-person rally against tuition increases

2 days, 22 hours agoHeld in the Agora of the Nest, the rally featured speakers and the opportunity for students to write letters detailing why they oppose the tuition hikes to Interim President Martha Piper as part of the AMS’s “Mail for Martha” campaign.

The Door is Open are collecting blankets, warm clothing for Vancouver's homeless

2 days, 3 hours agoWhile volunteering at The Door is Open’s Sunday soup kitchen, the members of the organization encouraged him to sit down, converse, eat, and most importantly listen to the stories of homeless individuals. The most important part of their work, he said, is to be compassionate and humanize to those who are more often than not ignored on a daily basis.

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University to give donation back to the AMS

4 hours agoThe university has decided to credit Lev Bukhman’s $125,000 donation to the Nest toward the AMS’s $68 million loan from UBC, as opposed to UBC’s contribution to the budget.

“Living lab” housing complex going up in U Boulevard area

1 day, 19 hours agoThe question of where and how to go about building faculty staff housing is asked constantly at UBC. The university plans to address this in part by constructing a “living lab” housing complex in the University Boulevard area.


Silliness, joy and community: East Van Panto and Hansel and Gretel

1 day ago“This is an East Van Panto,” said Drover. “It’s very much of East Vancouver, which I think is something that’s very important to the company. It honours the community of East Vancouver, which is very community oriented [and] very family oriented.”

1 day, 4 hours agoA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … there was an A Cappella club at UBC that was in the Song Wars: The Force Aca-wakens. Get ready for yet another amazingly geeky concert from UBC A Cappella. There’s twice the fun, twice the singing, twice the nerdiness and puns with double the concerts this time.

2 days ago“The Crawl showcases emerging to professional artists working in painting, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, photography, mixed media, design, glass and furniture. The primary goal is to connect artists and the public. [We hope] to engage in a dialogue about the art-making process.”

2 days, 23 hours agoSoft Haze is another talented band whose independent roots and coherent sound exceeds expectations, though Bommes is too humble to admit it.


Preview: Football to fight Montreal for Vanier Cup

1 day, 4 hours agoAfter last week’s win against the St. FX X-Men in the Uteck Bowl, the only barrier that remains in UBC football’s way to winning their first Vanier Cup since 1997 is the Montreal Carabins —the defending national champions.

1 day, 22 hours agoFor the first time since 1997, the T-Birds will be playing for the Vanier Cup. If there's anything we've seen this season, it's that it's hard to predict what will happen. But we've crunched some of the numbers to get an idea of what to expect.


4 hours agoSince it operates as a business, it is entirely understandable why the university would choose to silence survivors of sexual assault in the interest of preserving their brand, securing profit and attracting the support of stakeholders.

5 days, 2 hours agoIn a November 18 letter, student Mike Cameron took the AMS to task for our Afford UBC campaign, which he sees as a cynical PR move that the AMS supposedly knows will have no impact. Nothing could be further from the truth.


1 week, 3 days agoNeal Yonson, the voice of investigative blog UBC Insiders, brings in-depth commentary and analysis on campus affairs through his meticulous research.


Why is Vancouver so rainy?

1 day, 17 hours agoHave you ever walked down Main Mall soaking wet with an umbrella in a hand and a muggy backpack in the other? Then you ask yourself why on earth you decided to study in Vancouver — a city with an average of 160 rainy days a year.

3 days, 20 hours agoNovember, affectionately known to many as “Movember,” is a month dedicated to raising awareness for issues related to men’s health — especially prostate cancer.