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UBC's President Ono wins NAAAP 100 award

4 days, 23 hours agoThe National Association of Asian-American Professionals has named UBC president Santa Ono as one of the recipients of their 2016 NAAAP 100 award. The award is given to leaders whom the organization feel represent both their vision and values.

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Vancouver's pricey housing market impacts recruitment of UBC professors

13 hours agoIt's no secret that Vancouver's housing market is unaffordable, unsustainable, and practically impenetrable. Faculty have been feeling the heat as they struggle to navigate the Bermuda triangle of Vancouver’s real estate.

Recent UBC science graduate banned from campus

3 days, 18 hours agoIn a letter sent out to students yesterday, UBC chemistry department head Michael Wolf warned of Nguyen's recent conduct, which included asking after female students who had previously had little or no contact with him.

Re-established "Blue and Gold Society" hopes to increase campus cohesion

3 days, 20 hours agoUBC is recognized for its academics and beautiful location, but has been criticized for its lack of school spirit. AMS President Ava Nasiri is attempting to change that with the newly re-established Blue and Gold Society.


The African Descent Festival seeks to build community and celebrate culture

2 days, 21 hours agoThe African Descent Festival is aimed at celebrating African business, culture and art in Vancouver to foster a larger sense of community for individuals of African and non-African descent, while also having amazing food and music.

3 days, 15 hours agoThe stage of Pericles is an old, dilapidated temple. Bowls, statues and other artifacts are strewn about like the rubble itself and at the centre of it all is an altar at which a covered figure chants while the opening music fills the room.

1 week, 2 days agoThe show opened with the Body Narrative Collective’s Here on the Ground, a multidisciplinary narrative exploring the relationship between two friends — Julia and Meghan — and the experiences they have shared.


Places to Be: Tranquil mornings at Buntzen Lake

1 day, 22 hours agoWe arrive at Buntzen lake and begin the arduous process of taking the canoe off the truck; not an easy task for one person who’s five-foot-two, one person with a hurt shoulder, and the last getting annoyed at the incompetency of the other two.

2 weeks, 2 days agoThe main difference between the current Aquatic Centre and the new Aquatic Centre will be that the new facility will carry four separate tanks to accommodate different levels and purposes of swimmers simultaneously. The increase in the number of tank

2 weeks, 2 days ago“There is nothing like the Olympic games. Those of you who have been there know that. They are magical,” said Canadian Olympic Committee president, Olympian, and former UBC rower Tricia Smith. “This is a record setting contingent, the largest delegat

2 weeks, 4 days agoWith the safety of the racers at stake, water safety teams responded immediately by stopping the race to alert the boat of its intrusion. Incoming boats were expected to remain west of the Cambie Street Bridge or otherwise yield to any non-motorized


The Ubyssey's wish list for Santa

3 days, 17 hours agoWhile we warmly welcomes our new 15th president to UBC, there are some things that definitely need to change around here. The Ubyssey has kindly taken the time to create a to-do list in an attempt to point Ono in the right direction.

3 days, 17 hours agoAlthough you’ve been meaning to for a long time, you still haven’t taken up meditation. Maybe you need a more direct approach. Say, straight for the clitoris? And hey, you won’t even need your yoga pants.

6 days, 15 hours agoPracticing gratitude is all about cultivating an attitude that both allows you to celebrate the good moments in life while at the same time helping you cope during the most difficult times. It has the power to heal.

1 week, 2 days ago"I'm having such a hard time with the long classes in summer school. I'm so unbelievably bored in three-hour lectures and zone out, not retaining any info. Any tips for avoiding this slump and actually learning something?”


UBC Presidents: complicating things since 1913

3 weeks, 4 days ago“I always find it amazing that he found time to sleep — his diary pages are almost always full of engagements, things to do. Sometimes what he writes for a particular day will go for five, eight or 10 messages — of 140 characters each of course.”

1 month agoTamar Simon is a fairy queen. That’s not because she stands 3 ft tall — she doesn’t — but because of her royal stage presence and transcendent voice. But while her flame burns brightly as ever, Simon is worried about the future of opera in general.

1 month, 3 weeks agoThe UBC Campus Security team alone is made up of close to 100 staff, which includes patrol officers and administration. Eccleton would not disclose the number of patrol officers on campus at any given time, reportedly for security reasons.


How to turn a lobster dinner into a battery

2 days agoThere’s a lot we can learn from nature, after all it’s had 4.5 billion years to tweak and adjust, giving rise to the remarkable characteristics and extremely efficient processes we see in life forms today.

5 days, 17 hours agoStarting this month, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC lifted a regulation barrier that will improve access to Suboxone, a drug that is used to treat opioid addiction. "The process is a thoughtful, evidence-based process.”

1 week, 2 days agoThe dwarf planet — currently designated as 2015 RR245 — was found using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on Hawaii. The dwarf planet probably takes 700 years for it to orbit the sun.

1 week, 4 days agoWe all have biases, whether they are implicit or explicit. New research from UBC showed that it is possible to reduce racial bias in older children by telling them positive stories of marginalizes groups.