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E-Mental Health Conference brings tech to mental health care

6 hours agoFrom February 9 to 10, researchers, developers, clinicians and young people gathered to consider new possibilities for mental health. Topics ranged from the creation of web-based tools for education and campus resources for youth mental health.

UBC Laptop Orchestra pushes boundaries of music, dance and visual arts

2 months, 1 week ago“I have a particular aversion to what most laptop orchestras look like. It’s a bunch of people sitting at their laptops all coding and you cannot tell who’s creating what sound where,” said Pritchard. “It looks like everyone’s checking their email.”

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UBC Botanical Garden receives $1 million donation

13 hours agoThe money will fund a variety of new ventures, including research trips to Asia to source more specimens for the garden, international internships for students and a substantial expansion to the garden itself.

RCMP working with witnesses to identify person who burned Pride flag

13 hours ago“We don't know if it’s a hate crime or not. We have nothing to say that it is a hate crime right yet. There’s no motivating factor yet to determine if it’d be a hate crime,” said Sergeant Drew Grainger of the RCMP.

Deans wade into debate around Board governance issues

1 day, 9 hours ago“The leadership of the university has the full support of UBC’s deans,” said the leaders of the faculties in a letter obtained by The Ubyssey. They reiterated their commitment to research and teaching at UBC.


“E” is the most important letter in Vancouver this reading week

13 hours agoSpring break in Vancouver is a time when things happen. Flowers bloom, the sun shines, rain ceases to fall — hopefully. Midterms, of course, still threaten to make students want to drop as well — straight onto our pillows.

1 day, 13 hours agoAxis Theatre has recently begun their Wee Ones Series — plays intended for an audience ages 3-7. Shelby Bushell says that there was no quality market for very young children and Axis wanted to step in and fill this gap.

2 days, 3 hours agoPride and Prejudice is a classic that’s had to suffer through a lot of remixes. In the past 20 years, Jane Austen’s classic novel has been turned into a Renee Zellweger vehicle, a musical, a Bollywood musical and a parallel universe zombie epic.

2 days, 16 hours agoValentine’s Day is just around the corner and the pressure is on to impress your love interest with some seriously sexy food. Don’t have a reservation? I’ve got you covered with five sure-fire ideas for what to serve on the most romantic of evenings.


Engineers succeed in concrete toboggan competition

1 day, 9 hours agoWhat do engineers do for fun? They race down ski hills in toboggans made of concrete. Last weekend, UBC Engineers travelled to Ottawa to compete in the annual Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) with great success.

1 day, 10 hours agoWe caught up with some athletes pursuing a degree in kinesiology for this edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5. These are the people you see on Imagine Day decked out in bright green and likely are the fittest group of people you will ever meet.

2 days, 13 hours agoAfter falling to the Thompson Rivers University Wolfpack 3-1 on Friday, the Thunderbirds got another crack at them Saturday. After a close match, the Wolfpack once again gained a victory, winning the fifth and final set with a score of 20-18.

2 days, 13 hours agoAfter splitting a series in Lethbridge a weekend ago, the women’s hockey team was back at UBC to take on the Regina Cougars in a two-game series. The ’Birds took Friday night’s game by a score of 3-0 before losing a heartbreaker on Saturday, 3-2.


Open letter to Martha Piper, re: loss of credit card payments

1 day, 12 hours agoWe understand that UBC is under financial pressure and we appreciate the university’s need to make efficient use of its funds. Similarly, we want you to understand that we students are under financial pressure.

1 day, 12 hours agoEvery few weeks, your student government spends a Wednesday night talking about a bunch of things. In most cases, what we talk about won?t affect a students’ day to day activity, but there are always a few tidbits that might interest you.

2 days, 9 hours agoI have been more motivated in this area of study by some recent research I undertook to discover the unique underlying philosophy that eventually led to the recent refugee migration, which is so prominently discussed in the Western World.

6 days, 10 hours agoThe Arts foreign language requirement has been a hot topic of late, so we toured campus to see what you think. Graden Deasey, Faculty of Engineering: “Personally, I wouldn't want to have to complete this requirement.”


The Ubyssey's annual sex supplement

1 day, 11 hours agoWe've put together a stimulating supplement on sex, sexuality and relationships for university students. Features include the science of sex, adventures with Tinder and a writer's flirtation with the the world of kink.

1 day, 11 hours agoBesides the obvious, “Oh my god, is this really happening right now?” running monologue, what really happens in our brains during sex? A complex response of electrical signals and hormones deliver to us those sensations of pleasure.

1 day, 11 hours agoI arrived to university a very sexually unaware 19-year-old. However, as a science student at heart, I found explanations in a scientific journal, Clinical Anatomy. Exploring romantic love, on the other hand, has produced fewer concrete answers.


How to get involved in research as an undergrad

1 day, 9 hours agoAt some point in students’ academic careers, many people contemplate volunteering in a lab. What many students don’t realize is that many professors are on the lookout for enthusiastic, willing and able students to participate in their research.

2 days, 5 hours agoUBC received $27 million today appoint 31 professors as Canada Research Chairs. The announcement was made this morning by Kirsty Duncan, Member of Parliament and Minister of Science. Across Canada 305 Chairs were appointed.

2 days, 12 hours agoUBC research has found that Kisameet Bay clay, found on the central BC coast and used as medicine by the Heiltsuk Nation for generations, is able to kill several antibiotic-resistant bacteria named the ESKAPE pathogens.

2 days, 13 hours agoThe BC Tech Summit, a two-day event that took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on January 18 and 19, presented some of the latest BC technologies, research and further developed business opportunities between different sectors.