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Consultation period extended for UBC sexual assault policy

2 weeks, 2 days agoThe consultation period for UBC's new sexual assault policy has been extended past it's original deadline of September 30. The exact length of the extension is yet to be determined by UBC's university counsel, Hubert Lai.

Rams come back to defeat UBC 20-10

1 week, 3 days ago“I came to UBC because I want to play in front of big crowds,” said Blake Nill, UBC head coach. “I appreciate all the work that the Athletic Department and people did and I feel like I let them down today.”

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What is AMS Council?

5 hours agoDuring the school year Council meets every two weeks to “set policy, determine budget, and review proposed changes and additions to the AMS,” according to their website. The meetings are open to all students, starting at 6 p.m. every other Wednesday.

BC universities have released campus safety apps — will UBC?

6 hours agoBCIT's own version of the safety app, which just released this month, has gotten a lot of positive feedback, according to Adrian Hingston, assistant director of safety, security and emergency management.

Starting a club at UBC: preparation and passion required

10 hours ago“Starting your club, you should be passionate about it ... starting a new club should never be a chore, it should be a passion," said Alex Yao, the president of the UBC Origami club, which was founded in 2008.


Opera in the Garden is accessible and enjoyably relaxed

5 hours agoThe Opera Tea in the UBC Botanical Garden on Saturday, September 18, had an intimate and easygoing atmosphere. Anyone who thinks that opera is uptight or “upper class” should challenge that belief by attending an Opera Tea event.

3 days, 2 hours agoOn Wednesday, September 21, the museum announced three new upcoming exhibits for the 2016/17 Season, promising to bring some of the its finest artifacts to light. These three exhibits are an opportunity for people to actively ponder Indigenous art.

5 days, 6 hours agoSally Stubbs ‘And Bella Sang With Us’ sets itself up to be the voice for a piece of Vancouver’s forgotten female history, centering on the struggles of the city’s first two female constables grappling with its societal pressures.


The winner and runners-up of our outdoor adventure photo contest

1 day, 1 hour agoMaybe it was the promise of a free Arc'teryx Atom jacket or maybe it was just a natural need to brag about how dope your summer hikes were, but we received a grand total of 67 posts —and we loved every single one of them.

1 day, 1 hour agoIn fine form after this stunning win, UBC will look to continue their success with four games remaining. Last season, they were 2-2 at the middle of the season and ended up winning their subsequent eight game on route to the Vanier Cup. Can the ‘Bird

2 days, 7 hours agoThe T-Birds are gearing up for a great year in sports now that some fresh faces have made their way through the impossible bookstore lines into UBC’s classrooms. Five rookies are kicking off the semester with some hard truths about their athletic goa

2 days, 7 hours agoComing off of a three-game winning streak to start the preseason, the UBC men’s hockey team split a doubleheader against the Ryerson Rams to end its streak at four. The T-Birds won the first game by a score of 4-1 and saw goals from Kyle Becker, Joh


1 day, 4 hours agoLaserfiche — the AMS’s recently implemented archiving software — is an ongoing project that Council has been discussing for about two years and it's meant to make AMS documents more accessible to the student body at large.

1 day, 23 hours agoA few years ago, I had the not-so-shocking realization that my social media habits were, indeed, fueling procrastination and lowering my productivity levels. Thus, I made the decision to delete all but one of my social media accounts.

5 days, 2 hours agoYou're homesick and that's completely normal. It's hard being away from your friends and family who were happy to support you. You're with new people in a new environment and you're a little disoriented. That's fine.


Tall Wood: A high tech Frankenstein of a building

1 day, 6 hours agoThink an 18-story residence building made of wood sounds like a bad idea in a rainy, earthquake-prone city like Vancouver? Well, you’d be right, so it’s a good thing that UBC’s new Tall Wood Building isn’t actually a wooden building.

1 day, 6 hours agoIf wood rots, burns and isn’t great at handling earthquakes, why build an 18-storey resident building out of it? Three reasons — its sustainable, an opportunity for research and helps the local economy.

1 day, 6 hours agoBrock Commons is being touted as a very environmentally friendly building. While it’s on track to be a LEED Gold Certified building but the wood building goes way beyond just an energy efficient certification.

1 day, 6 hours agoThere is this hype right now that timber is fantastic. But is that just a pendulum swing? According to Perry Adebar, UBC’s civil engineering department head it is. Frank Lam, a wood building expert agrees.


Weekly (science) recap: Migraines and bad internet advice

4 days, 17 hours agoWhat most students seem to forget is that UBC, amidst its unending construction and rain, is a world-class research university. Here’s a few of the amazing work UBC researchers have churned out while you finished Season five of Suits on Netflix.

5 days agoTucked away at the end of the Endowment lands is UBC’s best kept secrets: The Botanical Gardens. It currently houses some of the world’s most comprehensive collections of plant life and has an international presence.

6 days, 5 hours agoHere’s an experiment you can try at home: gather some friends, Google “most adorable puppies ever,” and see how long it takes for even the most hard-boiled among them to let out an involuntary “awww.” Dogs work magic, end of story.

1 week, 1 day agoA panel of geologists voted to recognize today as an age where human activities exceed natural forces and are globally significant, calling it the Anthropocene. Ian Angus, an eco-socialist activist spoke at a colloquium at UBC’s geography department