The Ubyssey's 2016 sex survey results

7 hours agoWe asked more than 2,000 of you how you do it, and you told us way more than we wanted to know. It's fully anonymous, totally scientific* and 100 per cent juicy. What are you waiting for? Dive into UBC's dirty little secrets.

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The Ubyssey's annual sex supplement

We've put together a stimulating supplement on sex, sexuality and relationships for university students. Features include the science of sex, adventures with Tinder and a writer's flirtation with the the world of kink.

Sex supplement: The science of sex and love

Besides the obvious, “Oh my god, is this really happening right now?” running monologue, what really happens in our brains during sex? A complex response of electrical signals and hormones deliver to us those sensations of pleasure.

The science of sex and love

I arrived to university a very sexually unaware 19-year-old. However, as a science student at heart, I found explanations in a scientific journal, Clinical Anatomy. Exploring romantic love, on the other hand, has produced fewer concrete answers.

Fit to be tied: my flirtation with the world of kink

I expected my environment to be consent-heavy and accepting: a place where events that would distract from a normal party — say, somebody stripping to their skivvies and getting smacked around for a bit — were not only commonplace, but encouraged.


These perspectives are from those around campus who felt comfortable sharing their thoughts on their positionality. These perspectives were open-ended to the authors and those who wrote volunteered what they felt was pertinent to be shared.