Our Campus: Prof. Gregor Kiczales nurtures thousands of future programmers

2 hours from nowIn CPSC 110, "I’m basically trying to say to people, “Do not get the idea that you can learn one specific language.” [At UBC,] you’ve got to learn the core of how software works. Otherwise, your career is going to be extremely short.”

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Ada's Atlantic adventure

Ada, the little robot is in trouble. Waves crash over her bow and lines cry out in the wind. A wave rises up behind Ada and she is carried up with it. For a moment, she sits at the peak of the wave, motionless in the heart of the violent Atlantic.

Student union salaries across Canada

This article details not only how much executives at different schools are paid, but their varying responsibilities, and the sizes of the student populations they represent — and where that money comes from in the first place.

Our Campus: Steven Yzerman is UBC's "Food Truck Tycoon"

“You can easily create a video game out of my job. ‘Food Truck Tycoon’ or something like that, where you get to design your own food trucks, menus, and send them out into a little imaginary world where people could buy from them."

Our Campus - Ashley Bentley is working to make UBC a safer place

“When I say that sexual assault is an epidemic, I don’t say that lightly. In terms of creating that cultural change and making sure that survivors and people who have caused harm are getting the support they need, we do need more.”

Tall Wood: A high tech Frankenstein of a building

Think an 18-story residence building made of wood sounds like a bad idea in a rainy, earthquake-prone city like Vancouver? Well, you’d be right, so it’s a good thing that UBC’s new Tall Wood Building isn’t actually a wooden building.