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Our Campus: Economist Erik Snowberg chose UBC for its public service

UBC will get $10 million from the federal government over seven years to fund Erik Snowberg, the new Canada Excellence Research Chair. Snowberg said chose to come to UBC because he valued its reputation for serving the public.

Misadventures in Vancouver's housing market

Facing troubles ranging from dysfunctional appliances, to creepy landlords and lost damage deposits, students seeking housing in Vancouver often risk being taken advantage of — especially if they’re uninformed about their rights as tenants.

Enticing victories: How athletes are recruited to UBC

For coaches and recruitment staff, athlete recruitment is just as important as the actual regular season and, for them, it is imperative that they do it right. The stakes are high and rules for recruitment have gotten stricter.

Copy, paste: plagiarism at UBC

UBC, like all academic institutions, sees cases of plagiarism every year. It makes up the bulk of the 72 academic misconduct cases listed in the last discipline report, which tracked academic and nonacademic misconduct at UBC from 2013 to 2014.