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Pericles is fun and beautiful to watch

The stage of Pericles is an old, dilapidated temple. Bowls, statues and other artifacts are strewn about like the rubble itself and at the centre of it all is an altar at which a covered figure chants while the opening music fills the room.

EDGE 1 is a spectacular showcase of dance and movement

The show opened with the Body Narrative Collective’s Here on the Ground, a multidisciplinary narrative exploring the relationship between two friends — Julia and Meghan — and the experiences they have shared.

Othello disappointed at Bard on the Beach

Bard on the Beach's third production of the season was a somewhat modernized version of Othello that was well enough performed and staged, but still failed to find the greatness of the source material.

Chef Challenge 2016 comes with beer!

The roster of competitors consists of AMS Conferences and Catering, BierCraft, Koerner’s Pub, Point Grill and Sage Bistro. The competing chefs will be pairing their savoury dishes with craft beer provided by Driftwood Brewery.