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VIFF review: Golden Kingdom

Golden Kingdom is the first feature to be filmed and set in Myanmar in over ten years.

UBC alumni win Western Canadian Music Awards

The 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards were announced last month, and among the talented award winners were two UBC alumni, Jocelyn Morlock and Karl Stobbe.

VIFF review: High-Rise

Endless cocktails, cigarettes, white shag-carpets, sideburns, orgies, subtly referenced cannibalism and eerie Abba covers are all parts in the kaleidoscope of debauchery and madness that is High-Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley.

VIFF review: The Lobster

In The Lobster the theme of “love is blind” is taken to whole new level. However, as much as The Lobster is about love, at the same time it isn’t. Although hilarious in every moment, the overall message of the film can be interpreted as quite cynical.

VIFF review: Borealis

Chased by violent debt collectors, Borealis is a father-daughter road trip that brings humour without any of the traditional conventions of a typical road trip comedy.