Tri-U Colloquium emphasises theatre's importance

1 week agoThe second annual Tri-University Graduate Student Colloquium for Theatre, Film and Performance Research is taking place on the UBC Vancouver campus on April 29 and 30. The conference seeks to analyze theatre from an academic standpoint.

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The 1975 fail to leave much of an impression

The 1975, Wolf Alice and The Japanese House took to the stage at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre for a muted, somewhat underwhelming concert that will satisfy fans, but make no converts partially thanks to Matthew Healy's performance.

POV26 was a showcase for great talent and equality

POV 26 was an impressive showcase of student talent, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience throughout. It demonstrated great ability, artistic vision and a progressive environment in which equal opportunity was championed.

Traffik is making his mark in local hip hop

Accompanying the release of Traffik’s first full-length album came a performance at the Hatch Gallery on March 25th. Without any trouble gathering an audience, Traffik effortlessly delivered a run through of "The Modest Tomorrow" in its entirety.

SKIO Music seeks to ensure the survival of creativity

SKIO Music operates on the premise that musicians should not have to be forced to choose between sharing and protecting, seeking to ensure the survival of creativity by making it a professional probability.