What’s next for Lillis-White: life after the Thunderbirds

7 hours ago5:45 a.m., Tempe, Arizona: Conor Lillis-White’s alarm clock goes off. He stirs and hits the snooze button. But then he remembers why he has to wake up, and slowly rises out of bed.

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Places to Be: Diving the Howe Sound

For advanced divers looking for a unique experience, Howe Sound is the only place in the world where glass sponge reefs known as bioherms are found at air-diveable depths. Bioherms were once thought to have gone extinct sometime in the Jurassic period and were only rediscovered alive in the late 1980s. Made completely of sponge, these huge reefs rise up from seemingly empty ocean floor and have become home to many other creatures.

The T-Birds end opening weekend with close win

After a UBC turnover, Memorial returned with a layup, followed by another UBC turnover, and another layup by Gordon to cut UBC’s lead to just five with two minutes left. But that’s as close as Memorial would get as the teams proceeded to trade baskets, finishing with UBC on top 88-81.

Skate competition continues to grow

A cluster of people huddle around the UBC skate park. Music from seventies rock to hip hop to reggae blasts out, mixed with the percussive slap of skateboards on cement and the charcoal smell of barbequed hot dogs. The crowd eagerly anticipates the next big trick.

UBC competitive sports clubs begin inaugural season

After the sports reviews two years ago resulted in teams being stripped of their varsity level status, UBC Athletics and Recreation have collaborated with nine clubs to form an alternative competitive stream for AMS-recognized sports clubs. The stream will allow the clubs to compete under the UBC Thunderbird name in competitive, non-varsity leagues. The new student-run teams will be able to compete for UBC in sports that are not available as varsity sports at the university.

Day of the Longboat is not to be forgotten

As we approached the far beach to grab our baton, we almost got soaked. Our runner leapt out of the moving vessel as soon as he could reach land which then sent the left side leaning dangerously close to sea level. Luckily, our squad managed to stabilize ourselves before we lost any more balance.