New bill may make sexual assault policy mandatory

5 hours agoThe province has introduced a new bill that will require all public post-secondary institutions to have a sexual-misconduct policy. If it passes, it would give universities one year from the time of Royal Assent to establish a working policy.

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Woman charged for burning down UBC pride flag

The individual allegedly responsible for burning the UBC Pride flag on February 6 has been charged by the Richmond Crown Counsel for mischief causing damage of property with a value of under five thousand dollars.

AMS Council to potentially remove Oversight Committee

The AMS Council has accepted a recommendation from this year’s Governance Review to eliminate the Oversight Committee. This committee is in charge of reviewing the major activities of the AMS Executive and maintaining accountability.

UBC servers not compromised after cyber threat

On Thursday UBC announced that it has been the target of what they are identifying as a “brute force attack” against their identity management infrastructure. Students and staff may be asked to reset their passwords as a result of the attack.

Who’s missing? Interim leadership at UBC

Currently there are three major university administrations positions being filled by interim personnel. So who are these new officials, why did the old ones leave and what do they even do within the university?

High-risk sex offender arrested on UBC campus

A high-risk sex offender wanted Canada-wide was arrested at 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 9, at a construction site near 16th Avenue and Wesbrook Mall. He does not match the description of the suspect in the recent sexual assault at UBC.