Student political groups and their relationship to the parties

11 hours agoWith the 2015 election season upon us, no one has been more active around campus lately then UBC’s student political groups. More than anything, these students are trying to make UBC students do the unexpected: vote.

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Library Garden to be redesigned

The university is putting together a proposal to redesign the library garden as a part of UBC’s Public Realm Plan. The initiative, approved in 2009, allots $46 million for the redesign of campus public outdoor spaces.

Stakeholder input of utmost priority in search for new president

“What will determine the success of the search is who’s on the committee,” said Chancellor Lindsay Gordon in an interview with The Ubyssey. “So obviously we want to attract the best possible representatives of the stakeholders.”

Economy, environment and the election

Choosing between the environment and the economy is a choice many voters feel they have to make. Are they right?

Gupta heads to University of Toronto

According to a press release, former president Arvind Gupta will take up a position as a visiting professor to U of T for the next year.

Tall Wood building residence gets final Board go-ahead

Following the approval of the Board of Governors, the construction of a new residence to accommodate 404 students is set to begin in October. Unlike other residences on campus, this building will be made almost entirely out of wood.