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Federal and provincial governments jointly invest $51.5 million in UBC

Yesterday, the federal and provincial government jointly announced a $51.5 million investment in UBC. Of this sum, $39.7 million will be from the federal government and $11.8 million will be provided by the provincial government.

First week through the ages: hazing to harmless

During the early decades, practices such as freshman initiation took place — referred to as hazing by those who disapproved of them — which usually involved incoming students taking part in bizarre activities.

On-campus forensic exams now available for sexual assault survivors

The BC Women’s Centre’s Sexual Assault Service will soon be extending their region of care to include UBC Hospital, allowing sexual assault survivors access to an extended range of hours and resources, including forensic examinations.

Campus addresses dangers of drug overdosing amid fentanyl crisis

Fentanyl overdose deaths, which are quickly becoming a massive issue across greater Vancouver, are being tackled through several channels within the university — including VICE, Student Health Service, and even fraternities.