AMS receives largely positive feedback about fall reading break possibility

an hour ago“I am actually hating my degree right now because I don’t have time to sleep,” said Amanda Santoro, one of the second-year students in the Faculty of Applied Science who is creating the petition. “I feel like if we all had a minute to take a breath, we could appreciate life a little bit more.”

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University to give donation back to the AMS

The university has decided to credit Lev Bukhman’s $125,000 donation to the Nest toward the AMS’s $68 million loan from UBC, as opposed to UBC’s contribution to the budget.

“Living lab” housing complex going up in U Boulevard area

The question of where and how to go about building faculty staff housing is asked constantly at UBC. The university plans to address this in part by constructing a “living lab” housing complex in the University Boulevard area.

AMS holds 500-person rally against tuition increases

Held in the Agora of the Nest, the rally featured speakers and the opportunity for students to write letters detailing why they oppose the tuition hikes to Interim President Martha Piper as part of the AMS’s “Mail for Martha” campaign.