Student web portal in the process of being redesigned

4 days, 20 hours ago“Replacing the student information system is one of the largest system replacements at the university because it is so core to everything that the institution is involved with,” said Jennifer Burns, UBC's chief information officer.

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Safewalk updates software to improve efficiency

Ron Gordesky, the student services manager, approached a student-run development company at UVic to provide software for Safewalk. While the new program has allowed Safewalk to keep up demand, the larger issue of consistently rising usage remains.

Finance committee advises Board of Governors against divestment

While the “divestment criteria” from the Finance Committee's report asserted that there was a proven rationale to the decision, it also said that divestment was not an effective way to achieve the desired outcome.

Protest disturbs Board of Governors meeting

The protest was organized by a grassroots group of faculty "who have had enough of the kind of bad governance that goes on at this university," said Mark Mac Lean, president of the faculty association and also the first to speak to the crowd.

Faculty members plan protest at Tuesday’s Board of Governors meeting

The protesters have three main demands: a greater emphasis on transparency and openness at the Board of Governors level, a proper documentation process of all meetings and sub-committees, and an independent external review of Board practices.