Starting a club at UBC: preparation and passion required

6 hours from now“Starting your club, you should be passionate about it ... starting a new club should never be a chore, it should be a passion," said Alex Yao, the president of the UBC Origami club, which was founded in 2008.

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Lind Initiative brings global discussion of US elections to UBC

The United States is in the midst of a polarizing elections season. The UBC community has the opportunity to be actively involved in the relentless debate and discussion through the Lind Initiative by the Liu Institute for Global Issues.

Transit changes might bring more bus service to UBC

Investments in the 10-Year Vision include the addition of five new B-Line routes, one of which will run on 41st Avenue from UBC to Joyce-Collingwood SkyTrain Station. Buses will run every 10 to 15 minutes and five minutes during peak hours.

Federal and provincial governments jointly invest $51.5 million in UBC

Yesterday, the federal and provincial government jointly announced a $51.5 million investment in UBC. Of this sum, $39.7 million will be from the federal government and $11.8 million will be provided by the provincial government.