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UBC's mindfulness programs help staff and faculty's emotional well-being

2 days, 11 hours agoAt UBC, there are currently two programs available to staff and faculty that focus on mindfulness — the 30-Day Online Mindfulness Challenge and the Mindfulness@Work Six-Week Program. Over 500 faculty and staff have participated.

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UBC consults community on Athletics and Recreation “GamePlan”

15 hours agoUBC’s Recreation and Athletic Facilities Strategy is undergoing public consultation until October 23. This strategy, otherwise known as the UBC “GamePlan,” addresses certain needs of the university such as aging facilities and recreational centers.

UBC and UW explore possible research collaboration

1 day, 8 hours agoAn agreement between BC Premier Christy Clark and Washington Governor Jay Inslee means UBC will be collaborating with the University of Washington more in the future. UBC and UW have emphasized the importance of using their independent strengths.

UBC holds official opening ceremony for Orchard Commons

1 day, 16 hours agoLocated at the intersection of West Mall and Agronomy Road, the new $125.9 million facility is one of five commons projects on UBC’s Point Grey campus. Orchard Commons was completed through a partnership between SHHS and Vantage College.


Local leather goods brand Fiveleft holds 10th anniversary runway show

2 days, 13 hours agoThe runway show featured strong designs in celebration of the occasion. The bags displayed were diverse – including satchels and double strap bags small enough to be worn by children (as evidenced by one of their younger models).

2 days, 16 hours agoHave you never heard of him? That's alright — I hadn't either. And yet, Denis Matsuev is often considered to be one of the greatest living pianists of our time. His upcoming performance features works from Beethoven, Liszt and Tchaïkovsky.

2 days, 17 hours agoThe Vancouver Writers Fest returns for the 29th time to bring readers and writers together to talk, think and explore the world of literature. The festival starts on October 17 and lasts for a week, closing on October 23.

3 days, 17 hours agoThis movie had all the ingredients necessary to make you bawl: puppies growing into dogs, prisoners working toward a second chance, veterans with PTSD desperate for a way to better their lives, and the heartbreak of saying goodbye.


UBC rookie Zach Verhoven is a player to look out for

1 day, 15 hours agoThe first-year psychology student could easily become one of the most important players on the UBC men's soccer team in a couple of years. As of this writing, he has three goals and five assists and has started 13 times in 17 games.

1 day, 16 hours ago“I've been fortunate enough to practice with these guys [the Vancouver Canucks] a few times at UBC, so I know the talent that they have. Being able to go out there and skate during warm up was really huge for me, and something I'll look back at for

1 day, 16 hours ago“I was very excited and expected to play well,” said Yu in an interview translated from Chinese. “But really, we go into every game treating it as a learning experience, not to expect a specific result. To play a good game is all that matters.”

3 days, 18 hours agoWhen looking at their history, it’s easy to see why the rivalry between both schools exists. According to Carman Lam, co-founder of UBC eSports, both teams have always found themselves against each other in the annual University League of Legends (UL


Ask Natalie: Love, pets and more love

13 hours agoTime. Time is the only way to get over a relationship. Sure you can try to cut corners here and there, but it's not until time has past and you've processed everything accordingly does anyone truly move on from a relationship.

14 hours agoBut as long as we believe that sustainability is something abstract that happens in a set of policies disconnected from our personal and collective actions, we will not be able to bring on the changes that are necessary.

2 days, 16 hours agoThis next Senate meeting will take place on October 19, 2016 at 6 p.m. in IKBLC 182 (Victoria Lecture Theatre). Senate is open for anyone to attend if you’re ever interested in academic affairs or meeting Santa Ono.

3 days, 17 hours agoMy tactic when I was first here was just to not think about my family — and it was totally working until about a week ago, when I first Skyped with my mom and 14-year-old sister. I immediately started crying and couldn’t say exactly why.


Our Campus: CVC President David Tolentino is a kick-ass late bloomer

4 days, 15 hours agoAccording to Tolentino, CVC is much more than just the parties and ski trip that non-members have come to recognize the club by. In fact, the sense of community is so strong, the exec body refer to themselves as a “family.”

5 days, 14 hours agoThis article details not only how much executives at different schools are paid, but their varying responsibilities, and the sizes of the student populations they represent — and where that money comes from in the first place.

2 weeks, 1 day ago“You can easily create a video game out of my job. ‘Food Truck Tycoon’ or something like that, where you get to design your own food trucks, menus, and send them out into a little imaginary world where people could buy from them."

2 weeks, 4 days ago“When I say that sexual assault is an epidemic, I don’t say that lightly. In terms of creating that cultural change and making sure that survivors and people who have caused harm are getting the support they need, we do need more.”


Genetics are making medicine personal

18 hours agoThe team think your phone could prescribe you drugs in the not-so-distant future. By taking a sample of your saliva, it may be one day possible to differentiate the drugs that will cure you from the ones that will kill you.

1 day, 16 hours agoSomewhere, deep within the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, there are giant robotic arms at work. While unsuspecting student study the robot is busy moving books, maps, records and more — going largely unnoticed by students.

4 days, 16 hours agoMagic mushrooms, psychedelics, psilocybin mushrooms – call them what you want. We all want to talk about them. Buckle up class, it’s going to be a wild trip. Shrooms are one of the more popular hallucinogenic drugs in Canada.