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Three Thunderbirds drafted by the MLB

2 months agoAfter their success in the 2016 baseball season, Thunderbirds Alex Webb, Curtis Taylor and Bruce Yari have received drafts by Major League Baseball (MLB). Taylor was the first of the three to receive his draft, followed closely by Webb and Yari.

Check out a forestry prof talk "Avatar science" on Radiolab

3 weeks agoUBC Forestry professor Suzanne W Simard, who studies forest ecology and the relationship between trees and microbes, was featured in Radiolab's (a described podcast about "curiosity") newest episode From Tree to Shining Tree. She talks about her re

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Surrey Creep Catchers spotlight UBC employee

2 days, 2 hours agoSurrey Creep Catchers, a group known for publishing false advertisements to lure men looking for underage children, recently published a video spotlighting a UBC employee. UBC has released a statement confirming his employment.

Some parking spots of car-sharing companies removed from campus

2 days, 3 hours agoA number of Car2Go and Evo parking spots in Hawthorne Place are soon going to be removed after a survey conducted by the UNA revealed that many of the area’s residents disliked the large build-up of car share parking spots around neighbourhoods.

Sprouts relocated to Pit Pub during daylight hours

1 week, 1 day agoAs of September, Sprouts — an organic, vegetarian food outlet — will be temporarily moving out of the old Sub and into the Pit Pub in the AMS student Nest. Given the Pit space's usage at night, Sprouts will only occupy the Pit during the daytime.


1 day, 5 hours agoThe season commences with Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II which has “challenged contemporary Elizabethan morality,” says UBC Theatre and Film Department Head Stephen Heatley in this season’s press release.

6 days, 22 hours agoIn the pursuit of knowledge, The Ubyssey has compiled a series of wisdom nuggets from a panel of experts with the knowledge and experience on UBC so that they can responsibly push their opinions on unsuspecting first-years.

1 week, 1 day agoIn the pursuit of knowledge, The Ubyssey has compiled a series of soundbites, advice and nuggets of wisdom from a panel of experts who we feel have the knowledge and experience on UBC to responsibly push their opinions on unsuspecting first-years.


Heartbreak in Rio for Dunfee after Japanese counter-protest

1 day, 22 hours agoThis decision came after Athletics Canada protested the original result, which had Arai in third place. With less than two kilometres left in the race, Dunfee had sped past Arai to move into third place. Arai followed this with a dash of his own, but

2 days, 2 hours agoDespite the draw at their home in the Thunderbird Stadium, it was a positive result for the ‘Birds. The team’s preseason so far has seen a pair of painful losses to Oregon State University and Seattle University.

3 days, 5 hours agoLake Louise was the Disneyland of lakes, complete with its very own castle. I had gotten a sneak peek the night before right as the sun was setting, but by the next morning, it felt like I was stepping through the streets of Downtown Disney.

6 days, 9 hours agoThe women’s soccer team are defending national team. But despite a fantastic ending to their 2015/16 season, they started their preseason in a disheartening fashion. The Thunderbirds fell 4-1 to the Eastern Washington Eagles at Cheney, Washington.


Letter: How to make the most out of stARTup

2 days, 2 hours agoThe biggest event of your first year in Arts awaits — stARTup (a.k.a. Arts Freshman Orientation)! Get ready for one of the most exciting events of your undergraduate career and to make unforgettable memories with your soon-to-be peers!

6 days, 6 hours agoThey took on Brown as the first-ever female editor at the magazine, despite the fact that she had no experience editing. As editor-in-chief, she completely turned Cosmo around. Those bright cover girls eyeing you in the grocery store? Her work.

1 week, 1 day agoThe danger is that when we’re bombarded by countless demands and high expectations, and feel obligated to say yes. It can often leave us appearing sweeter on the outside, but way more enraged and bitter on the inside.

1 week, 5 days agoI find many people during the school term have trouble justifying a night out because they know they have school work to do. If you don't give yourself time away from school, then you won't be able to fully engage yourself in that school work.


Losing the Lead

an hour ago"Uber has been running an aggressive and prolonged public lobbying campaign urging the provincial government and the City of Vancouver to allow them to operate. They have significant resources and it shows."

3 weeks, 5 days agoThey faced their difficulties. Their first changing room was previously a men’s “clothes-drying” room, and they weren’t allowed to use some of the rowing equipment. Women were only allowed to race a thousand metres.

1 month ago"I'm around the pool all the time," he said – truthfully as even our interview was conducted poolside. "When I’m not here I'd rather get outside, get some fresh air. I don't really want to spend any longer than I need to."

1 month, 3 weeks ago“I always find it amazing that he found time to sleep — his diary pages are almost always full of engagements, things to do. Sometimes what he writes for a particular day will go for five, eight or 10 messages — of 140 characters each of course.”


Study: Stoner stereotypes may be true, rats on THC are lazy

6 hours agoYou know the type — unmotivated, lazy, no work ethic, stoner. Now there might be some evidence to support the stoner stereotype, at least in rats. UBC research showed that rats who were under the influence of THC were "cognitively lazy."

2 days, 4 hours agoThe published the building's frame and exterior are not yet complete, which means those wishing to rubberneck still have the opportunity to witness the final structural elements of the world's largest wooden building being placed.

2 days, 7 hours agoHere in Vancouver weed culture is ubiquitous and university gives students the freedom to experiment with drugs. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance at Canadian universities. How safe is it?

1 week agoResearchers at UBC and the Paul Scherrer Institute have developed a painless, minimally invasive and inexpensive microneedle drug monitoring system that could potentially replace needles used for blood draws and vaccines.