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High-risk sex offender arrested on UBC campus

3 weeks, 1 day agoA high-risk sex offender wanted Canada-wide was arrested at 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 9, at a construction site near 16th Avenue and Wesbrook Mall. He does not match the description of the suspect in the recent sexual assault at UBC.

UBC and contractor charged with Federal Fisheries Act violations

1 day, 18 hours agoUBC and CIMCO Refrigeration, a contracting company hired by the university, have been jointly charged with Federal Fisheries Act violations. These charges stem from an incident in 2014 in which ammonia was allegedly discharged into a storm sewer.

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RCMP arrest two men on campus, investigating allegations of sexual assault

2 days, 22 hours agoThe RCMP arrested two men involved in a suspected break and enter and sexual assault just after 2:15 a.m. on Saturday. The men were apprehended after the RCMP received a report that an apartment building located on the 5700 block of Birney Avenue.

New bill may make sexual assault policy mandatory

3 days, 18 hours agoThe province has introduced a new bill that will require all public post-secondary institutions to have a sexual-misconduct policy. If it passes, it would give universities one year from the time of Royal Assent to establish a working policy.

Woman charged for burning down UBC pride flag

1 week, 5 days agoThe individual allegedly responsible for burning the UBC Pride flag on February 6 has been charged by the Richmond Crown Counsel for mischief causing damage of property with a value of under five thousand dollars.


Tri-U Colloquium emphasises theatre's importance

4 days, 15 hours agoThe second annual Tri-University Graduate Student Colloquium for Theatre, Film and Performance Research is taking place on the UBC Vancouver campus on April 29 and 30. The conference seeks to analyze theatre from an academic standpoint.

4 days, 16 hours agoThe 1975, Wolf Alice and The Japanese House took to the stage at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre for a muted, somewhat underwhelming concert that will satisfy fans, but make no converts partially thanks to Matthew Healy's performance.

1 week agoPOV 26 was an impressive showcase of student talent, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience throughout. It demonstrated great ability, artistic vision and a progressive environment in which equal opportunity was championed.


UBC eSports are North America's collegiate champions, again

21 hours agoLast week, the UBC eSports Club finished off the uLoL Campus series by defeating Robert Morris University in the finals and winning a $180,000 scholarship that came with the title. This victory makes them the best collegiate team in North America.

1 week, 1 day agoAfter splits against the Corban University and Lewis-Clark State College on the road, the Thunderbird baseball team picked up three wins and a loss against the College of Idaho Yotes back at home. UBC now holds a conference record of 19-11.

1 week, 4 days agoLaura Taylor, a goaltender for the UBC Women’s Hockey Team, has passed away. Taylor, a 33 year old student at the UBC Faculty of Medicine, joined the Hockey team as part of the Thunderbird’s 2015/2016 recruiting class.

3 weeks ago“We did a program evaluation and looked at our pattern of results over the last 12 years and we want to raise the bar with the volleyball program. We needed to make a change to do that,” said Gord Hopper.


Letter: Questioning motives interferes with Safewalk's accessibility

5 days, 12 hours agoThe moment we start second guessing an individual’s motives based solely on how an individual looks or how they identify, we lose our ability to make every patron who uses the service feel safe and comfortable.

1 week agoBeing a victim of sexual assault means that every extra half hour I have to wait to use this service because of the people who are abusing it is another half hour I’m left feeling vulnerable and insecure.

1 week, 4 days agoI’m 90 per cent sure I just failed two of my classes and I have a final tomorrow that I’m going to fail too. I kind of figured I would just pass, but now I’m really starting to panic. What do I do? Will I be kicked out of UBC???

1 week, 5 days ago[Holi] is a time to let loose ... and celebrate our beautiful culture. We're frankly appalled by the recent unsolicited Ubyssey article written by a self-proclaimed “non-Nepalese/non-Indian/non-Hindu” individual with zero Desi presence in the piece.


3 weeks, 1 day agoFor some of UBC’s athletes, particularly the 2016 Rio de Jenerio Olympic Games hopefuls, attending university while also living up to the standards that they set for themselves in sport is like living a double life.

4 weeks agoUBC will get $10 million from the federal government over seven years to fund Erik Snowberg, the new Canada Excellence Research Chair. Snowberg said chose to come to UBC because he valued its reputation for serving the public.

4 weeks agoFacing troubles ranging from dysfunctional appliances, to creepy landlords and lost damage deposits, students seeking housing in Vancouver often risk being taken advantage of — especially if they’re uninformed about their rights as tenants.


UBC accepts $1.5 million grant in scientific research and infrastructure

2 weeks, 2 days agoSajjan, the Minister of National Defence, announced a $1.5-million fund, from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation that will be used for scientific research and infrastructure and will go to 14 projects at UBC.

3 weeks, 1 day agoHave you taken a walk around the Nest at lunch lately? Or seen the mountain of containers that pile up at the waste sorting stations? The AMS sells 1.5 million disposable containers annually and UBC uses 370,000 compostable containers annually.

4 weeks agoNow that you’ve tried our fact vs. myth quiz, did you do as well as you thought? Still confused about a few of the questions? The Great Wall is not visible from space, vaccines don't cause autism and bats can see.

4 weeks agoHave your parents every convinced you to have that heavy winter coat because “the cold will make you sick?” Have they also told you that drinking alcohol kills your brains cells? We’ve all heard these claim — or similar ones — before. They are myths.