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A St. Patrick's Day quarterfinal game will go down in UBC history

3 months, 1 week agoA St. Patrick's Day's sold out quarterfinal game where UBC looks to upset the first place seed, followed by an after-party not to be remembered, is going to go down in campus history. Win or lose, it's to show what campus culture could be.

Three Thunderbirds drafted by the MLB

1 week, 1 day agoAfter their success in the 2016 baseball season, Thunderbirds Alex Webb, Curtis Taylor and Bruce Yari have received drafts by Major League Baseball (MLB). Taylor was the first of the three to receive his draft, followed closely by Webb and Yari.

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Everything in Santa Ono's contract, explained

6 hours ago"The Board expects that Dr. Ono, as President, will provide oversight and direction for the operation of the University and will do so with a spirit of cooperation and in a manner consistent with the University’s vision and values."

Fixing racism: UBC's Gurdeep Parhar talks racial stereotyping

1 day, 6 hours agoGurdeep Parhar, the executive associate dean in the faculty of Medicine, recently gave a Tedx talk about fixing racism. In an interview with The Ubyssey, he elaborated on the continued relevance of stereotypes — particularly at UBC.

UBCO preparing for growth over the next 20 years

4 days, 4 hours agoUBC’s Okanagan campus is putting a plan in action to expand academic and residential facilities to cover the next 20 years of growth — preparing for the potential doubling of its population. UBCO currently has a population of around 8,500.


Limina overcomes adversity to tell a poignant, heartfelt story

2 days, 8 hours agoLimina is the short film by Florian Halbedl and Joshua M. Ferguson. It is centred on gender fluid child, Alessandra and the people living in the surrounding neighbourhood. The film was recently privately shown in the Chan Centre.

4 days, 12 hours agoTo celebrate UBC's 100-year legacy, CiTR is airing a series of ten radio documentaries which utilize more than 890 reel-to-reel audio tapes from over sixty years of Student Radio Society of UBC. They focus on everything from hip hop to accessibility.

1 week agoPresented by The Arts Club Theatre Company, Billy Elliot: The Musical is a electrifying and touching production about a boy finding his passion and a community overcoming obstacles during the miner's strike of 1984, in England.


Kerry MacDonald is UBC's new volleyball head coach

3 days, 14 hours agoIn addition to his coaching experience, MacDonald specializes in sports injury prevention, which is part of his current PhD studies at the University of Calgary. MacDonald completed a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Master of Education in coachin

1 week, 2 days agoOur fleet totalled six boats. We were advancing on open water. Deep Cove was behind us. The sun was pitiless. Steep forested rock on both sides of this wide channel. This was Indian Arm, a fjord less than an hour’s drive from UBC.

1 week, 2 days agoThis season, Primeau built a program with emphasis on injury prevention, along with making changes to the staffing on the team. “Instead of trying to fix athletes when they’re broken, we put therapy track-side and introduce warm-ups to the team that

2 weeks agoBefore receiving his appointment as T-Birds head coach, Symons served as the technical director and head coach of the North Shore Girl’s Soccer Club. There, he established the first Canadian franchise in the Women’s Premier Soccer League.


Positively Sex: Love during the summer solstice

3 days, 15 hours agoThis solstice, feel free capitalize on the energy that’s been building ever since the days started getting longer and burning away the winter blues. Maybe you want to stay up all night to watch the sunrise.

5 days, 23 hours agoAgenda items can seem long, mysterious and confusing without the proper background, making it difficult to see how these issues affect students. Here’s what to watch out for in the upcoming AMS Council meeting on June 22.

1 week agoThere’s a difference between knowing and feeling, so recognizing how fortunate you are is not the same as absorbing this information. Being grateful for a healthy mind and body is not the same as feeling relieved for not being terminally ill.

1 week, 3 days agoI confided in my significant other because I often have anxiety attacks and he's become my anchor. However, I learned he told one of our mutual friends to vent and ask for advice because it's become a strain on him to always be my emotional pillar.


Our Campus: Tamar Simon on performance, practice and people

1 week agoTamar Simon is a fairy queen. That’s not because she stands 3 ft tall — she doesn’t — but because of her royal stage presence and transcendent voice. But while her flame burns brightly as ever, Simon is worried about the future of opera in general.

3 weeks, 6 days agoThe UBC Campus Security team alone is made up of close to 100 staff, which includes patrol officers and administration. Eccleton would not disclose the number of patrol officers on campus at any given time, reportedly for security reasons.


UBC student discovers four new planets that NASA missed

3 weeks, 6 days agoKunimoto graduated yesterday amidst a flurry of excitement after she spotted four new planets by studying information from NASA's Kepler mission — an initiative with the goal of finding Earth-like planets elsewhere in the universe

1 month agoThe inaugural competition, aptly named Hatching Health, was an overwhelming success — one of the winning projects included an innovative braking mechanism for mobility devices designed to minimize the risk of falling for seniors.

1 month agoA UBC psychology associate professor found that the rate of re-arrest for those who used psychedelic drugs was significantly lower than that of those who did not. Each participant in the study had a history of substance abuse.

1 month, 2 weeks agoThe program started four years ago, challenging grade 12 students at Gladstone Secondary to represent the cardiovascular system in a creative art project. Since then, the program has expanded to various secondary schools in Vancouver and Surrey.