Jocelyn Baker

Humour Editor 2023/24, Video Editor 2024/25

Jocelyn Baker is The Ubyssey's humour editor, and a computer science (yikes) and creative writing (yikes part 2) student. When she's not writing or editing satire, she's reporting on the student experience or writing a screenplay. Send tips to Send pitches to


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I could make a fence around breath and laughter and / meaningless joy and routine sadness / here it is, sketched with broken / pencil smudged by the palm of my hand / but would you see it?

I’ve gotten very good at telling myself I’m not a writer. I sit on the couch feeling numb thinking about how I should be studying for PHYS 301, staring at a dusty copy The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri, held open to the third page by a coaster, wishing I could just write.

I tell her I used to wear makeup because I felt bad about my face, but I stopped because wearing makeup felt like covering it up rather than learning to accept it. It's the same argument I made to my mom and grandma. The same argument I still make to myself.

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