From the Cult: VP external interview

The VP external handles external advocacy for the AMS, which is probably important I guess. So if you want to learn about actual real political stuff before casting your vote, you can find all the information you could want in Ubyssey News.

But we here at the blog know what questions students actually want answered, like what our candidates’ milk preferences are and where they will be during the block party.

I asked the VP external candidate about what really matters. You know, to get a vibe.

Responses were edited for brevity and clarity.

Tina Tong

What per cent milk is the best per cent?

To be honest, I don't drink milk because I'm lactose intolerant. I usually just drink almond milk. I don't know if there's a percentage for that. But yeah, that's my favourite. [I drink] the unsweetened version with my coffee.

Who is your past VP external celebrity crush?

I have a crush on all of them because every one has been very efficient. I've definitely read a lot of coverage on them as well as the things that they’ve done in the past, so I think all of them are really cool.

Where can students find you during Block Party?

I’ll definitely be there — I’ll probably be somewhere in the crowd. If anyone sees me, they can say 'hi' to me.

Where are you at, like emotionally?

I’ve been a little stressed out, but [running for VP external has] been a very fun experience. It’s definitely all very new to me, so I feel like I’m learning a lot of things as I go along, which is very cool.

How are you differentiating yourself from the swath of other VP external candidates?

I thought I was uncontested this year? … I guess I’m differentiating myself by giving people Oreos around campus. I don’t know if other VP externals have done that in the past.

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