russell acton

Russel Acton: When I was thirteen years old and I took my first drafting course in high school in grade eight and I always enjoyed art, and I was really doing well in my drafting and doing well in my art and then I can’t remember it was some

The last time I had my grandfather’s congee was a few years ago. He quietly stopped making it one day, as standing for hours in a sweltering kitchen grew to be too taxing. Although my dorm-room concoction will never be the same as his, it’s enough to remind me of home.


The Vancouver International Mountain Festival has been a regular fixture on UBC’s campus over the last two decades that the festival has been around. It aims to bring the best outdoor mountain films and premier them at venues across the entire city.

Lao Tea House

Lao She’s celebrated play Teahouse has come to Vancouver 58 years after its premier and it rises up to its longstanding reputation. A powerful and captivating account of Chinese history, this production uses the setting of one teahouse to depic

It’s that time of year again when every social media platform from Instagram to Facebook is flooded with images of designers, products, and fashion weeks happening all over the world. These events are increasingly taking place online making once-exclusive events now available to anyone with a smart phone.

On September 24 the Plaza of Nations will play host to the Grape and Grain Festival, an outdoor gathering of live music, the best food trucks in the city, and alcohol. The festival is a unique venue which amasses all of the finest local breweri

Asian Heritage Month

The TV was running, but I opted for the window, self-centred songstress, monsoon sister.

Fast-paced, loud, and danceable are some of the first words that Zoe Way, lead vocalist of Making Strangers, uses to describe her band’s music. Shying away from labels, Making Strangers produces a unique eclectic feel - under genre, the band’s Facebook page lists rock, grunge, and punk.

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