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Grounds is known for having the best cinnamon rolls in Vancouver, which is definitely a perk of going there. Their buns are delicious, they have a good selection of teas, and all their mugs are glass, which is just a nice aesthetic.


Looking for a steamy hook up with a hot Aussie this summer? Look no further than using Tinder. Once summer time hits, Tinder becomes an entirely new place than it is during the school year and boy is it wild.


Graduation is just around the corner! If you’re a graduating student from any faculty or degree, congratulations! If you have friends or family who are graduating this year, I’m sure you’ll want to attend the ceremony.


This is what a good part of my First Year looked like: staring at a computer screen most nights, sitting alone in my room talking to someone who isn’t even there, lots of crying, lots of fighting. It’s not a pretty picture and, unfortunately, I was the only one to blame for that.


The build-up before being sexually intimate with someone is incredibly electric: the sexual tension, the passion, the longing, the wanting. When you get to those final moments before your lips touch, before your hands brush against their skin, before you feel their warmth against your body, the air is heavy with desire.

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