Kyla Flynn

Senior Staff Writer

Kyla (she/her) is an English Literature student who writes satire and sometimes other less funny/more heartfelt things here at The Ubyssey. Kyla welcomes emails containing UBC-related jokes at

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Scary Spooky Stories

In some households, Christmas was the holiday to await, advent calendar counting down the days, chocolatey treats eaten in anticipation. But for mine, it was Halloween.

20230103 s yang evo drawing

It’s dark. You’re driving down University Boulevard, and the silence of your night-time drive is only fractured by the sweet lullabies of a crooning Taylor Swift filtering through your car stereo. It’s a perfect drive — too perfect. You speed up, delighted by the gentle purr of your car’s engine, when all of a sudden you see it: A flash of black. Then blue — that dreaded blue.

Sex Issue, body, person, touch, skin

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Winter is passing you by and yet, you STAY uncuffed. The snow showed up, the city shut down (but apparently not the UBC campus) and you found yourself hot chocolate date-less, left to brave the storm with only your sensible footwear to keep you company. Well! Fear not! I present to you a most robust and enticing list of suitable and 100 per cent real dating options (in no particular order).

20211031 j foong doc Martens

‘tis the season for really cute coupley shit. Like, absurdly wholesome dates jam-packed with pumpkin spice, golden hour, pampas grass, burgundy shackets and everything your Gilmore-Girls-fuelled fantasies are made of.

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