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Jasmine Cadeliña Manango

Jasmine Cadeliña Manango

Jasmine started writing for The Ubyssey in August of 2021. She loves stories and loves writing them even more. She's written for most of the sections at the Ubyssey but wants to focus on literary and longform journalism moving forward. Jasmine likes to challenge the boundaries of existing genres and writing conventions but sometimes breaks the rules before she learns them. She's particularly interested in understanding how contemporary journalists are reimagining the field and craft to be more critical, more generous, more sincere and more cognizant of journalism's sometimes contentious relationship with marginalized communities. Finding and sharing the truth can be tricky, subjective and very, very messy but Jasmine wants to honour that process as best she can. Email her at if you have tips or stories you'd like to see her work on. If you're lucky, you can also find her at the Nest, eating butter chicken from the Delly and reading a book she swore she'd finish two weeks ago.


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