Unwreck the Beach: Introducing The Ubyssey’s new sustainability column

From stairs as steep as the end of Mann’s hockey stick graph to fiery sunsets on everyone’s Instagram stories, Wreck Beach has become a staple of campus life for students at UBC.

But what happens when our beaches get wrecked? Well, we have to do something about it.

Unwreck the Beach is The Ubyssey’s new sustainability column, written by UBC students, for UBC students. Our columnists are passionate about all things environment, from the climate crisis and sustainable food security to cool initiatives and events on campus and intersectionality within climate justice — they’ve got you covered.

It’s time to Unwreck the Beach!

Matthew Asuncion

Matt is in his fifth year at UBC majoring in media studies. He explores how social forces shape the way individuals perceive ‘climate change’ and seeks out stories that share why folks care. He has written the gamut from climate finance to university climate policy, but strives to centre justice and student voices within these discussions. Above all, Matt believes in the power of community-driven action, the perspectives of those at the front lines of climate and environmental injustice and the promises of a brighter future rooted in collective care — for our planet and each other.

Forrest Berman-Hatch

Forrest is in his fifth year at UBC majoring in anthropology with a minor in political science. He is excited and honoured to cover climate and ecological issues for the UBC community. While there is never a shortage of important and moving stories to tell, the far-reaching and entangled implications of the climate crisis have caused Forrest to agree with Bill McKibben that “Climate change is the single biggest thing humans have done on this planet. The one thing that needs to be bigger is our movement to stop it.”

Jasmine Cadelina Manango

Jasmine is in her third year at UBC majoring in gender, race sexuality and social justice and minoring in creative writing. She is passionate about intersectional climate justice and is adamant about understanding the climate crisis as interlinked and inextricable from other global and local crises. She understands how overwhelming and frightening the media coverage and academic findings about the climate catastrophe is and hopes to use her reporting as a way to make understanding and combating the climate crisis more accessible and less paralyzing for students. Regardless of whether or not someone actually manages to find ‘Planet B’, she’s quite fond of ‘Planet A’ and would rather spend her time protecting it than abandoning it.

Unwreck the Beach is The Ubyssey’s new sustainability column. Do you want to be a columnist for Unwreck the Beach? Are you a campus group looking to chat? Got tips on topics you’d like to see covered? Email sustainability@ubyssey.ca.