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With the start of a new academic year comes the addition of two new AMS representatives to UBC’s Global Fund committee. Comprised of UBC staff, members of the Global Lounge Network, and AMS representatives, the committee is responsible for the monthly distribution of up to two thousand dollars of funding for student-led initiatives that have a global focus.


For a large part of the student body, the AMS represents a slew of Facebook event notifications and little else — it can be hard to see the larger picture and even harder to imagine your place connecting with it.


Somewhere, deep within the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, there are giant robotic arms at work. While unsuspecting student study the robot is busy moving books, maps, records and more — going largely unnoticed by students.


An agreement between BC Premier Christy Clark and Washington Governor Jay Inslee means UBC will be collaborating with the University of Washington more in the future. UBC and UW have emphasized the importance of using their independent strengths.

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Hana Golightly is a second-year media studies student and a staff writer for The Ubyssey. This year she has kept six small plants mostly alive, and that’s all anyone can really hope for if you ask her!

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Wednesday’s debate featured candidates Daniel Lam, Simran Brar, Kevin Doering, William Chen, Ian Sapollnik and Jakob Gattinger, each contending for one of five student-at-large positions on the UBC Vancouver Senate.

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Third-year atmospheric science student Daniel Lam served on the Student Senate caucus for this past academic year, and is currently running for re-election. His platform reflects ongoing work done by student senators and several new initiatives.

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