AMS Elections 2024 referenda, explained

This year, there will be one referendum question on the AMS Elections ballot.

Election season is more than just voting for candidates — voting on referendum questions is another way to voice your perspectives on timely issues affecting the university and its students.

After AMS Council removed three student-petitioned referendum questions from the general elections ballot, one question remains.

Read more below about what's on this year’s ballot.

“The Vice-President Finance shall every three years create a three-year financial plan for the Society, the details of which shall be outlined in the Code or in an internal policy.”

This referendum question, put on the ballot by by AMS Council vote, amends Bylaw 11 and creates a responsibility for the VP Finance to create a three-year financial plan for the society every three years. This ensures the AMS is incorporating long-term decision making into its everyday operations.

In a written statement to The Ubyssey, Interim President Ben Du encouraged students to vote ‘yes’ to this petition in order to reinforce a “best practice of responsible management of their student fees.”

Similarly to previous years, the AMS is anticipating a deficit. This year, the AMS anticipated a $738k deficit for the 2023/24 budget.

Du wrote that the need for long-term financial strategy has been brought up by several executives in the past. He wrote that the referendum also reflects a commitment to the AMS's five-year Strategic Plan.

“It will inspire cohesion between the executive leadership, student supporting staff, and permanent staff to promote financial stability, optimization of resources, and a sustainable trajectory forward,” he wrote. In an dynamic environment like the AMS, he explained that this referendum would help fight “short-termism” while still remaining committed to their membership.

“A vote for this referendum is a vote for financial stability.”